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14 Ideas for Baby’s Spring Holiday Gift Basket

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Spring is coming! Sure, your baby might still be too young for chocolate bunnies and egg hunts, but there are other ways to make their first spring holiday extra special—starting with their gift basket. From the cutest baby bibs to interactive toys, there are lots of baby-safe goodies that you and your little one will enjoy this holiday. Need some ideas to fill your little bunny’s basket? Here are 14 gift ideas for babies to ring in your baby’s first spring.

  1. Personalized Basket – A gift basket is a must-have for your little one, but why not choose something extra fun and festive? A personalized basket is the perfect way to commemorate baby’s first spring and can be used for years to come. If you’re not a fan of traditional baskets, consider getting a personalized tote that can be used as storage in the baby’s room long after spring is over.
  2. Cute Baby Bibs – Got a messy eater on your hands? Keep your little one’s outfit clean and free of messes with an adorable pack of baby bibs. You can also use them to quickly wipe the drool from your baby’s mouth right before you take that precious photo.
  3. Themed Board Books A basket isn’t complete without one or two books for the baby. Help boost your baby’s fine motor skills by filling their basket with board books—such as If I Were a Rabbit by Jellycat Books—that they can touch and feel. 
  4. Sensory Blocks – Your baby is starting to explore the world, so why not help your little bunny explore safely with a set of sensory blocks? The best sensory blocks for babies are designed to activate different senses. With that in mind, try looking for a colourful set with unique textures.
  5. Comfortable Bodysuits– Let’s face it, a new mom can never have too many Onesies® Brand Bodysuits. Add this must-have essential to the baby’s basket and give your little one the gift of comfort (and for you: the gift of simplified dressing!). With summer on the horizon, consider stocking up on short-sleeve, cotton varieties to help keep baby cool.
  6. Chew-Safe Teether Are baby’s teeth starting to come in? If your little one is starting to get fussy, give them something safe to suck on by putting a smartly-designed teether in their basket. This silicone carrot teether is BPA-free and features unique textures to soothe baby’s tender gums.
  7. Tummy Time Floor Mirror Most parents of tiny babies know that tummy time is incredibly important for their development. However, some babies really don’t appreciate being on their tummies. If your little one isn’t a fan of tummy time, consider including a baby-safe floor mirror in your baby’s basket to help distract them from the task at hand. An interactive floor mirror is a great way to keep the baby’s gaze upward and encourage upper body extension. 
  8. Bubbles – Who doesn’t love bubbles? Blowing bubbles is a fun, low-cost activity that the entire family can enjoy. It’s also a great sensory activity for your little one! Around three months of age, your baby’s vision should be developed enough for them to see and watch bubbles. Blow some bubbles around on a warm, spring day and watch your little one be completely mesmerized as they float in the air! 
  9. Bunny Ring Rattle – A bunny ring rattle made from super-soft materials looks adorable in a basket and is practically guaranteed to be your baby’s new favourite toy. Best of all, it’s a fantastic toy for boosting the baby’s development. Help your baby improve their eye coordination by holding the rattle in front of them and moving it slowly from side to side. 
  10. Plastic Eggs Filled with Goodies – You’re so excited for your baby’s first egg hunt, but they’re still too little to participate. The solution? Settle for the next best thing by filling some plastic eggs with baby-safe goodies such as baby socks (they disappear so fast!), bathtub squirt toys and cute headbands. Of course, you’ll have to help your baby open the eggs, but this is a sweet idea that is sure to get everyone in a festive mood.
  11. Plush Toy Does your baby need some bunny to love? Give them a huggable, snuggly toy that they’ll carry around for years to come. With their big, floppy ears and soft bodies, plush bunnies are always an adorable gift for babies. A plush, baby chick or baby duck are also cute options for spring.
  12. A Cute Sun Hat – Summer is just around the corner, and that means more outdoor adventures with your little cutie. Get your baby ready for warm weather days with an adorable sun hat designed to protect their skin from the sun’s UV rays—specifically, one made with UPF (ultraviolet protection) material.
  13. Bunny Hooded Bath Towel – Bath towels with bunny ears are adorable—enough said. But seriously, a baby bath towel with a hood is great for keeping your little one’s head warm when they get out of the bath, and the extra-soft fabric will feel good against the baby’s sensitive skin.
  14. Push Walker Toy – As your baby approaches their first birthday, get ready for an increasingly mobile kiddo. A push walker is the perfect toy for your budding walker! Sure, it may not fit into a  basket. but if you’re going to spoil your little one with a big gift, it might as well be one that is good for their development!

Baby’s first spring is always a joyous time for new parents. To make the occasion special, delight your little one with a  basket filled with baby-safe goodies, like the ones we’ve listed here. Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

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