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Believe It or Not: Two Surprising Ways Covid Has Made Us Better Parents

a woman sat on the floor with a child looking at a map

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Over the past two years, SARS-CoV-2 has taught us many things, but who would have ever thought that we would come out the other end as better parents for all that we’ve suffered? As a matter of fact, Covid has taught us many things but parenting skills may be among the most surprising of all. Whether you have had Covid yourself, or have watched a friend or loved one suffer, the entire experience probably opened your eyes to things you would have otherwise never thought of. Let’s look at just two of those things Covid has taught us.

1. Never Take Your Health for Granted

If there is one thing that has come to light in this whole debacle we call a global pandemic, it would be that you can never take your health for granted. Throughout the entire past two years we have been told that certain people such as the elderly and those with underlying health issues were most at risk for serious cases of the coronavirus and/or death. However, unless we’ve had a complete medical exam, how do we know if that bit of wisdom pertains to us? 

Unless you meet certain criteria, among which is age, you have probably never had a complete medical exam that would indicate certain genetic risks. You may now be considering getting a private medical examination London so that one little virus doesn’t bring your whole family tumbling down. You can get a private check up from a provider like Echelon Health to ensure you are not among those at high risk. This is a complete medical exam not paid for by the NHS unless you are over 40 years of age with other factors involved. Lesson #1 in parenting is to stay healthy and to simply be there for your children. If you don’t guard your health, who will?

a woman sat on the floor with a child looking at a map

2. Never Count on Schools to Teach Your Children Values

Another parenting lesson that came to light over the past couple of years is that altogether too many parents rely on the educational system to teach our children basic values. All it takes is a stroll through social media to see that not all teachers have the same value system we would like our children to grow up with. Some laugh at masking mandates, rebel against vaccines, and simply act like recalcitrant children if they can’t have their way in how they respond to the virus. Is this something you would like your children to think is acceptable behaviour? Whether or not you agree with government mandates, it’s not so much about what you are feeling but rather, how you react as ‘responsible’ adults. 

Are you content knowing that this virus is spread through droplets and that children are being told that masks are futile? Are you happy with teachers telling your children that they cannot spread the disease to those who are more at risk than they are? These are all things happening in society today in just about every nation on earth. If there is anything SARS-Cov-2 has shown us it would be that our health matters because being there for our children matters and that values should be learned at home. 

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