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Beaulieu: Bond in Motion – No Time To Die


*Ad-Gifted Entrance. All opinions are my own.

We have been very fortunate on a number of occasions to have visited the incredible Beaulieu Motor Museum. I can actually remember going as a kid and being amazed at the Bluebird and the car that looks like an Orange. We visited previously with Alyssa when they opened their incredible new kids Wooden Adventure playground. However, with the release of the latest (possibly the last??) James Bond film, No Time to Die, Beaulieu has launched an incredible new exhibition in their Motor Museum and we were invited a long to check it out!


Be one of the first to catch a glimpse of Bond’s iconic silver birch Aston Martin DB5 at Beaulieu and see the stunt car’s sensor-activated machine guns and rolling LED number plate. Then stand beneath the submersible glider, which was named ‘Stealthy Bird’ by Q and  now perches in its new home overlooking the exhibition in the National Motor Museum.  

Gadgets from the Secret Intelligence Service Q Branch include Bond’s Q-enhanced Omega Seamaster Diver 300M watch, and costumes for Bond and Primo stand as sentinels keeping watch from the exhibition’s stainless steel cage. Children will enjoy swiping the electronic tablets to read captions for all of the Bond film exhibits. 


Quite honestly the exhibit was absolutely fantastic and any Bond fans, like Mr Tutu will be in pure heaven! You can see several of the cars featured in the film, including one that is extremely banged up. There are displays of the actual gadgets and costumes used in the film and are even able to walk underneath one of them and catch glimpses of the film show on the screens!

The girls were delighted that we also spotted another famous face, in the form of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and a date was set there and then for a film night in the near future!

It was raining when we visited but only for a little while and then we were able to enjoy the entire park. While you are visiting, you can enjoy the rest of a marvellous day out to Beaulieu – Mr Tutu visited the the World of Top Gear and On Screen Cars, whilst I took the girls on the ‘skytrain’ monorail which they loved so much we had to go on several times.

It also would not have been a visit to Beaulieu without big fun in Little Beaulieu’s adventure play area – Mr Tutu and I grabbed warm coffee for us and hot chocolate for the girls from the concession stand and sat under a covered table area whilst they ran round the whole playground, going across bridges, down slides and swinging from zip lines!

We finished our day off with a trip on the old fashioned bus which took us around the whole of Beaulieu. As it was a bit damp and muddy we decided to forgo the gardens and house on this visit and let the girls run round the playground and of course the museum to their hearts content. They absolutely slaughtered me in the gift shop but there are definitely some affordable souvenirs to take away and we had to tired but happy and slightly muddy girls to bring home. If you’re looking for a day out in Hampshire, we’d definitely recommend Beaulieu!

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