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10th April 2020
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Bakugan Battle Arena Review

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.
Bakugan is a a hit kids’ TV show that has recently transformed itself into a hit kids’ battle game. All you need are some BakuBalls and a surface to roll them on and you can compete against your friends for Bakugan brawling supremacy. BUT you can make it even better by grabbing yourself a Bakugan Battle Arena – think a combo of Pokemon meets Yu-Gi-Oh for those who remember them!

There are a couple of ways to play but we’ve stuck with the simplest method so far and it works for us. We found the beginner rules really helpful! Each player gets 3 bakugan, and for each bakugan the corresponding character card and two corresponding baku-cores (the small hexagon cards). Players take it in turn to place the baku-cores in the middle of the table, picture side up. Then each player picks a bakugan and the roll them in to the middle at the same time. If none open, roll again. If one opens, that player wins the round. If both open, count up the B score on the relevant character cards and any baku-cores picked up.

The winner keeps their Bakugan open, and the loser turns theirs back into a BakuBall. The first player to get all of their Bakugans open wins the brawl.

There are more complicated ways to play with the Bakugan trading cards. Definitely found it wasn’t one that interested Alyssa BUT it definitely interested my now teenage nephew Rowan who is into all things gamer, pokemon etc. The arena really adds to the  fun of the game but it definitely possible to play without it as you can set the Bakucores up on a table or other flat surface, then as your collection grows can look into getting the  Arena.  It also folds up for storage when not in use.

Definitely a recommended toy which has an RRP of £25.00 and can be purchased at many retailers.

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