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6th April 2020
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Wordsearch Junior Review

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.
I have been really impressed with how Alyssa has been coming along with her letters and reading. Initially I think she struggled, I don’t know if it was being a younger one or what but then suddenly something clicked and things started falling into place. Doing little bits at home without putting any pressure on her certainly helps and so when I was asked to review Wordsearch Junior, I thought this was a great idea to keep up with practising her phonics and sounding out words.

Wordsearch Junior is a fun way for children to learn reading skills and to keep their little brains busy without them realising it. They think they are playing a fun board game when in fact they are playing an educational game.

The game is designed so that your child can play on their own or with you and friends. There are 4 different coloured counters so up to 4 people can play at once. It is suitable from around 4 years and there are 3 different levels of difficulty:

  • Blue -the easiest level – search for 3 pictures
  • Red – the medium level – search for the picture that goes along with the word to make finding the word easier
  • Green – the hardest level – just words no pictures

The board itself turns to revel what to look for next. The person who wins is the person with the most counters on the board once all the words have been found. It’s super easy to set up; just choose a play board, pop it in place and turn the base around to the start (there’s a coloured part of the card which indicates the start)

We played a few games together and Alyssa has played it several times alone which I think is a really great aspect of this “game.” She wants to play and doesn’t realise she is learning at the same time.

This game gets a proper thumbs up from me and I’d totally recommend for anyone with kids who like games but need to practice or continually improve on their reading and letters. It does say for 5+ but Alyssa is not 5 until July and was able to manage the medium level quite easily once the game was explained.

You can purchase Wordsearch Junior yourself and it has an RRP of £16.99

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