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Back to School Essentials with Very

back to school essentials

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I can hardly believe I am going to say this… but Alyssa will be going into Year 3 in September and that still just floors me. It seems like just yesterday I was dropping this tiny thing off for her first day in Reception and she is now in the upper school of Primary. Whilst we are having an amazing Summer together, she is already counting down the days until she gets to go back to school. Like me, she loves Back to School Essentials shopping, though we have different ideas of what those essentials are. She’s looking at stationary, back packs and lunch boxes and I am thinking about good shoes, uniform… and okay all the stationary. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your back to school essentials, then you need to check out what Very have to offer!

back to school essentials very bus

We were delighted when Very got in touch, asking us if they could send us a fun surprise for back to school and they did not disappoint. A pink Very school bus arrived at our door full of fun and exciting goodies as well as back to school essentials. Watch Alyssa’s unboxing;

I have to say, the apple cakes did not last long enough to make it to the teachers in September but they were delicious! However, the most important parts were hidden in the body of the bus. Good, decent quality school shoes are essential when kids go back to school – they are in them all day and they need to be comfortable and sturdy. They have a huge range, but we ended up going for Clarks Mary Jane school shoes which have a mermaid theme and are practical but appeal to my little one’s whimsical nature.

Very also carry A LOT of uniform including jumpers, school dresses, polo shirts and more. Alyssa has to wear white polo shirts for sports, which thanks to the pandemic, they go in wearing for the whole day. I was able to find a pack of 5 white polo shirts, that are not only a MUCH better quality than the supermarket ones I checked out but also a few quid cheaper too at just £11 for the pack of 5.

Alyssa has decided that for the most part, she wants to wear school skirts this year instead of dresses, however, I know her best friend is still wearing dresses and she will want to as well. Very stock the standard pleated, zip-up pinafore dresses, but rather than going for these this year, I chose the 2 Pack Jersey Pinafore Dresses for £18 – why? Because, like girls and women everywhere, my little one cannot resist pockets on a dress!!

In the midst of this epically hot summer, winter might seem like a lifetime away but it will creep up on us before we know it, so I am thinking about the fact she will need a good quality coat. Thankfully, Very stock a whole range in different sizes and price ranges. I ended up going for this gorgeous Joules Girls Kinnaird Floral coat and I got it a size up so that it will last her the whole year. It fits her bright bubbly personality and she is currently very into florals, thanks to Isabella from Encanto.

As I said, one of the things she is most excited about from her back to school essentials, is the back pack. Its one of the few items kids get to take to school that express their personality. I ended up choosing the Girls Tie Dye Backpack because it seemed fun and imaginative just like her, but they have so many to choose from, I could have picked a dozen.

Thanks to the Very Back to School Essentials Bus making a pit stop at our house, we are ready to join Year 3 in September, where she’ll run excitedly in through the gates decked out in all her new gear and I’ll be the mum in the school line, trying not to cry about the fact that my little girl, is not so little anymore!

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