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Girls Isabella Encanto Bedroom Makeover

Isabella Encanto Bedroom

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You may or may not remember that just over a year ago, I did a Frozen 2 bedroom makeover for Alyssa. We’d not done much to her room since we’d moved in and it wasn’t very her. She LOVED it as you could see in her reaction video, but more than a year on and she has grown up so much. We did the room when she was five years old, but she has just turned seven and it was time for a change. We did it as a surprise once again whilst she was away but I had been speaking to her about what theme she would like if she had a new room. She said she wanted an Isabella Encanto bedroom. Now, I really did not want to fully “theme” it again the way we had with Frozen 2 as I wanted this room to age with her… but we found a way around that!

isabella encanto bedroom butterfly curtains

So, if you’ve not seen Encanto (YOU NEED TO!!!) Isabella is the character that grows beautiful flowers and vines. So rather than sticking her face everywhere, I decided to take the pink, floral/vine idea and run with it. Having a bit of a thing for watching “Dorm Tour” vlogs on YouTube, I knew that I could get a bunch of Ivy vines on Amazon for almost nothing. I pinned these up and swagged them around the whole ceiling of the room. Whilst I was browsing Amazon, I also found a cute rechargeable nightlight/reading light, some floral wall decals that peel on and off AND a cute pink cat Vanity mirror as I knew I wanted to make her a sort of “beauty station.”

I had some vouchers for The Range, and managed to pick up some pink fake flowers, pink bedding set, no damage command strips and hooks, pink storage tubs and some daisy and rose fairy lights. Using wire cutters, I cut the heads of the flowers off and attached them randomly around the room to the ivy. Using some pink and purple voile I picked up from Fabric Land for £1 a metre, I attached it on a hook above her bed and swagged it down to create a valance and then grouped some pink hydrangeas at the top of it. Fortunately I already had a pink butterfly lampshade which fit perfectly with this, and her grandmother gave me a white fluffy rug and a gorgeous framed picture of a bunny with flowers.

To tie the whole thing in, I went looking for some children’s curtains to bring the whole look together. I found these beautiful Catherine Lansfield Lined Butterfly Curtains. The lining meant they would block out the summer light evenings, and the pink butterflies tied in with not only the colour theme but also the lamp shade too.

isabella encanto bedroom butterfly curtains

Finally, I knew I would need more storage. When we cleared her room, we got rid of her vaulted bed which came with a chest of drawers underneath. We were losing a lot of storage but knew that she didn’t want a lofted bed anymore. I managed to pick up a second-hand solid pine bed with drawers from Facebook Marketplace for just £30 which was an absolute bargain, but I really wanted a tall chest of drawers to add some more storage for her. In the end I chose this SWIFT Regent Ready assembled 5 drawer chest. It’s amazing as it is not imposing in the room, but provides a lot of storage space, is sturdy and came ready assembled… which is good because Mr. Tutu and I should NOT flatpack together!

I used the pink storage tubs for her hair accessories, jewellery and “make-up” bits and popped them on top of her storage cupboard with her pink cat mirror and added a free pink kids swivel chair I also got from Facebook with a heart cushion for comfort. Above this area is a larger white mirror, which I put the rose twinkle lights round, then I pinned the daisy twinkle lights to her headboard.

Her reaction to the room when she finally arrived home, was worth a whole weekend of hard work, blood (literally) sweat and tears (again literally!!) Using vouchers and some great deals, this whole room cost me £42 but with her reaction you’d have thought it cost thousands. She has got the Isabella Encanto bedroom of her dreams and that makes me super happy.

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