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23rd August 2017
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28th August 2017
From a very very young age I have fond memories of playing games. All sorts of games from cards, to board games, make believe and garden races. I was very fortunate (although I didn’t know it at the time) to grow up with a sibling who was close in age as it meant there was always someone to play with. We always had a back garden and were forever out there building forts and having races with our “pet snails” which is just completely gross now…but anyway. One of the biggest things I can remember is being taught how to play games by both our grandmothers. From quite a young age we were taught things like snap, pairs and sevens but also cribbage, brag, whist, blackjack and poker. There was a tin at one grandmother’s house full of dried beans that we used for betting (we usually ended up with more than when we started because we discovered the beans split quite nicely in half!!) Still to this day as a family we enjoy playing board games and cards and now I get to play them with my nephew (and one day Alyssa) who is just as mad about them as we were and still are. We were asked to try out a new game, Perudo and so of course a family gathering was required…

First thing I have to say is that I loved Perudo right from the outset because there was absolutely no setup other than the need to open the tin – BONUS! I hate those games that take ten or so hours to set up before you even begin. So Perudo is a dice game, a sort of liars version of Yahtzee you might say. So you want to sit facing each other around the table (2-6 players) and I’d say that the tin is right and you do need to be at least ten years old if not a little older to play otherwise, like me. you just roll around on the floor laughing because you suck at lying.

Basically you all start with a cup and an equal amount of dice, you shake them and up end your cup on the table, keeping the dice covered so only you can see what you have. Then you have to “bet” on what will be on the table as a whole e.g. I reckon there are going to be 6 x “twos” on the table. Next person along can either counter with a higher bet or call your bluff and you all reveal your dice. If your bet was correct or higher, the person who called your bluff loses a dice. If your bet was wrong then you lose the dice – only person left with dice at the end is the winner.

This game was mad but totally brilliant fun – and not to be played when there is a sleeping baby close by as it all ended rather raucously. Infact, once the children were in bed we all carried on having many more battles between us. It’s like Yahtzee, with the humor of Cards Against Humanity and the competitiveness of Monopoly all rolled (pun intended) into one – loved it!

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**I was sent Perudo in order to provide an honest review – all thoughts are my own


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