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3 cost-effective tips for home renovation

tips for home renovation

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As the cost of living rises, many of us are putting certain ambitions of the past on hold. 

Whether it’s the trip you’d been dreaming of, or a bit of DIY around the house, these little bits and pieces are often the first to be put on the backburner when money is tight. 

There’s no easy fix unfortunately. But when it comes to home renovation, there are a handful of hacks that can help to keep costs down when you are ready to take on the job. 

With that in mind, these are just a handful of cost-effective tips to transform your home. 

tips for home renovation - a house at sunset

1. Go small 

Occasionally you’ll find a big household job that needs doing, but if you simply want a change of scenery around the home, you’d be surprised how big a change you can make with a few little tweaks.

Add a touch of class to your hallway with a glamorous stair runner, bring texture to your living room with some cosy cushions and plush rugs or simply switch up your kitchen with a change of lighting.

Whatever it is, aligning your décor with your tastes can help your house to feel that bit more homely without having to break the bank. 

2. Don’t throw it away 

No matter how useless you assume something is, there’s a good chance that it might be worth a little more than you think. 

For instance, many charity shops are less receptive to donations of CDs than they once were as they find them increasingly difficult to shift. But that doesn’t mean you need to chuck them straight in the bin. 

If you have an extensive collection, take a look and see if you have any rarities that might secretly be worth a pretty penny. 

Alternatively, you can even make a little extra cash by disposing of household appliances. For example, We Buy Any Stairlift, as the name suggests, will pay cash for used stairlifts that can be recycled for parts. 

3. Go green fingered 

If you have an outdoor space, a quick tidy up of those stray plants and unruly bushes can make a major difference. 

But if your back yard lacks greenery, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to make the concrete feel more homely on a budget. As well as potted plants which can add a touch of light, you can also choose to opt for some low-cost patio furniture to create a space you’d be happy to spend time in during summer. 

make gardening easier - a trowel and fork in the ground

And if all else fails, fake grass is a great way to add a play space for kids that will spare you the hassle of mowing it frequently. 

Looking for cheap ways to tweak your home for the winter? We hope these hacks help to give your house a new lease of life. 

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