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8th May 2020
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29th May 2020

When Looking At Houses

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It might seem like a really weird time to be house shopping and I completely agree with that. To be honest, Mr Tutu and I have been looking for somewhere for a while and actually narrowly missed out on our dream home which was completely gutting. Then the world pandemic happened and the housing market (lettings at least) went completely dead on us because of course no one is moving due to distancing reasons. However, we are still looking because our previous house was no longer what we wanted, the tenancy came to an end and now we are staying with his family to save money and wait for the right property to come along and then hopefully in the next year or two, finally get onto the housing market properly – man it takes some time. However, we have been looking at properties, window shopping if you like and have definitely seen thins we do and do not want.

a collection of different for sale signs all stacked together

One thing that has really stood out for us when we have been looking at the different houses is flooring. It has to be said we have definitely found we are more drawn to wooden/non-carpet flooring in the majority of the house. Obviously there are places like the bedroom where you really want it and possibly the lounge too but let’s face it, when you are renting, the more non-carpet floor the better as wood floors are much easier to wipe and clean. I really like Solid Wood flooring and I think for a family and a potentially growing family it just makes sense, with some rugs thrown down for comfort (and Instagram photos!)

I always thought I was a total townie and wanted to live in the middle of “the action” but I seem to have turned into a total country bumpkin with an allotment and where I wear wellies more than I do shoes! With this in mind, we are definitely looking for properties in one of the gorgeous villages surrounding our nearby county town so that Mr Tutu can still get to work easily but we are away from the noise and can enjoy the peace and community of a small village. What is lovely is that within the village there are so many local recommendations for electricians and plumbers, meaning we can support the community locals too.

an above shot looking down on an estate of houses with orange roofs and cream sides

We are hopeful that when the world pandemic finally passes (thanks so much key workers) that we will be able to find the house we are looking for and begin moving forwards with the rest of our lives. What do you look for when house viewing?  Any tips?

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