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12th April 2021
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15th April 2021

Travelling Around the UK in 2021

*This is a collaborative post.

I’d love a holiday that involves a lot of sun, a pool and a lot of cocktails. That is not going to happen this year. With the hit on the self-employed and finances, as well as the world pandemic and travel restrictions it’s definitely going to be a year for staying in the UK. I was on the phone with my dad the other day and he was telling me that he’d been getting his motorhome ready and checked out for the summer and it made me think that might be a really good choice for us this summer.

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I have only ever stayed in static caravans and never in a motorhome but I know Mr Tutu would be comfortable driving one and that Alyssa would be able to have a lot of her little bits and pieces with her.

When it comes to cultural heritage and scenery, Britain is a GREAT place to visit. With thousands of miles of coastline, innumerable historic landmarks and vibrant cities, it’s not surprising that Britain appeals to millions of visitors every year.

Although I have lived in various parts of the UK I have never really explored it like a tourist and have merely lived places and not gone somewhere specifically to look around at the sites somewhere has to offer. I’d love to visit parts of Scotland and Wales as well as diving further south into Devon and Cornwall.

I was looking at what we’d need for a holiday like this and thought I’d share a list;

What better way to travel in the United Kingdom than in a motorhome or campervan? Forget the big cities and make for the great British countryside, unlike anywhere else in the world. Head to all the amazing places to visit in the UK, in the comfort and safety of your home on wheels.

There are some great campervan routes in the UK. Hiring a camper is a wonderful way to see as much of the countryside and coastline of our fair kingdom as possible. Forget the hotels and the big cities, see the UK from the comfort of your own wheels, and home, through the windows of your van. 

Companies such as Campanda, can arrange for you to collect your campervan from hundreds of rental outlets across the UK. You can simply choose the one nearest you, and book your trip in. 

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