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Three Fence Colors to Raise Your Curb Appeal

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.
Curb appeal basically refers to how people see your place when passing by. If by chance you have a fence somewhere at the front of your home, you can definitely spice up the curb appeal of your home by choosing the right colour that best suits.
When choosing the colour, do not pick any exotic choice rather go for a colour that blends in with your landscape. If you have flowers in your garden or at the front, try to pick a colour that should either highlight them or blends in with them. This plays a major role In creating a curb appeal for your home.

white picket fence

Best fence paint colours for summer

Darker colours tend to make your home feel larger as they allow the overall landscape to shine. Lighter colours, however, tend to make your home and yard feel smaller as they draw the eye forward.

The majority of the people like to blend their fence in with space. Keep in mind that it’s always a very good idea that you test colours in small patches on your fence so that you don’t end up painting your fence into a colour that doesn’t seem appealing at all.

Let’s have a look at some popular fence paint colours.


Black is an exotic choice to pick. Not many people pick this colour to paint the fence, but if you pick, it seems to be an adventurous choice. It is good for a modern feel. It lets all the things stand out near it. The colours and textures of your plants, flowers, and other things really pop against a black dropout. Being an exotic pick, this colour creates an iconic look and statement for your home.


Grey is well-known as “the classic neutral”. It is a versatile choice that goes with any other colour around it. It makes your fence go classic within no time. You pick either a grey paint or a grey stain. Grey paint gives you a solid colour whereas a grey stain gives you some colour while letting the natural wood grain to show itself through. Many people go with this colour to paint their fences.


White is a traditional option. Most of the people picture their dream houses with white painted fences. White adds a classic curb appeal to your house whilst keeping it simple. White is ideal for houses that have gardens with brightly coloured flowers since it makes them more highlighted with a white dropout and lets the colours pop. It makes your home look neat and formal.

If you still cannot decide on which colour to paint your fence into, you can get Painting Advice from experts. They use their professional skills gained over the years to choose the best colour that blends in with the mood of your house and makes your house look even more iconic and appealing to others.



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