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5th February 2017
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6th February 2017

They’re Coming…

As children we all have our favourite toys don’t we – dolls, kitchens, trains, teddies, they all have their places in our hearts. For me, I liked a lot of toys when I was younger and was fortunate enough to have quite a lot of toys to choose from. However, my favourite was a little brown bear called Ted (I know original but I swear I was the first!!) He had two glass eyes that were orange and brown and a nose and mouth marked out with black stitching and I adored him. He was given to me by my nanny on the day I was born and he went everywhere with me. I almost lost him once in the boating ponds at Butlins but luckily my clever mummy found him. He came to bed with me every night and caught each one of my tears when I was sad and also enjoyed each happy moment with me. Do you want to know a secret? He still does. Almost 32 years later he sits on my bed, he has lost both his eyes, has had a few repairs and now wears a beautifully knitted red jumper but he is still there, sat waiting whenever I need him. Childhood toys are so precious and for some are great fun too…

Dinosaurs have always been a popular toy and with films like Jurassic Park who can blame them although I don’t fancy being eaten by one… can I have a nice dinosaur please?! Well, there are some great new dinos in town… welcome The Dinotux! A prehistoric world, set in the Mechazoic era is populated by hybrid dinosaur-construction vehicles called Dinotrux, and by hybrid reptile-tools called Reptools. Two best friends, Ty, a Tyrannosaurus Trux, and Revvit, a Reptool, must team up with other inhabitants of the world to defend their community and their work from an evil Tyrannosaurus Trux, named D-Structs.

The lovely people over at Dinotrux sent me some of their amazing new toys to try out based on the characters from the popular series and I have to say we have had some great fun with them. We got Skya’s Tall Tail Slide which is great as it has a crane lift and little shooting dinosaurs that can rocket down it. 

We also got Revvit which we have to say was the best of the three. He is basically like a mini drill and tool kit all in one! He has a tape measure tongue and different drill bits to swap out – it was really good… some of the parts were a bit small for Alyssa (the toy isn’t for her age group) so I got to spend quite a while playing and messing around with this.

Finally, we also got sent Dozer a speedy little triceratops that races around too. I must say that each toy had great little features that would make each one a brilliant toy for any child and if they love dinosaurs and Dinotrux then even better as it is definitely like the characters are being brought to life!

If your kiddies love dinosaurs and Dinotrux then there are definitely some great toys out there for fans. Did you know there are also some interaction games and activities over on the Dreamworks website too?! Head on over and join in the fun!


This is a collaborative post – all thoughts are my own.

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