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1st March 2018
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2nd March 2018

Stretch X-Ray & Vac Man Review

One of the things I love most about my daughter is her diverse tastes. She is quite a girly girl and loves her clothes (particularly her shoes) and will spend hours sat inside her built in wardrobe having a sort through. She also loves figurines and will spend hours in her play house with them making up stories and adventures. Equally, she’ll think nothing of building her racing track or train track and spending a few hours zooming around those. In fact, you can pretty much give her any toy and she’ll be happy with them. We were very kindly sent the new Stretch X-Ray and Vac Man characters to review and I was interested to see what she’d think…

Do you remember Stretch Armstrong and his band of characters from your childhood? I know I do and it used to be so much fun with my sister and I holding one arm and leg each and running in opposite directions as far as we could. Well, now Alyssa, Lily and Rowan can do the exact same thing but with new, cool characters.

First of all we got Stretch X-Ray which as you can see from the pictures is exactly what he says on the tin. He is a pretty gruesome see through figurine who looks like he’s got some anger issues. Due to his translucent body which is a yellow/gold colour you can actually see some of his internal organs including the the intestines and the lungs making this gruesome villain super cool. He has a soft squishy texture and is super stretchy… I was amazed at how far he could stretch!! He’s actually a vintage figurine that’s been brought back so you know the figurine fans are going to love this one!

Secondly we got sent Vac Man which was both Alyssa and I’s favourite out of the two. This guy is a little different to the normal stretching because he can be stretch or not. When his head is flush to his body, he is soft and squidgy and kind of like a stress ball really which is quite fitting given his face. However, if you pull his head up, it pumps his body up and removes the air (hence being called “VAC” man) and he goes rock solid and all his muscles become very defined and then you can stretch him and pull him. To return him to his calmer self you have to press the button on the top of his head and wind his neck back in – think the Hulk but in red!

Overall, we were thoroughly satisfied with both figurines as they do exactly what they say on the tin and are a great addition to the Stretch Armstrong co-hort. The only problem I have now is that all three cousins want them… thank goodness they stretch as they’re all running off in different directions whilst holding on tight!! I may need a time out too…

If you’d like to get your hands on them, you can grab Vac Man here and Strecth X-Ray here.

*We were sent the figurines for the purposes of the review – all opinions are our own.

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