#ABloggingGoodTime Week 126
4th April 2019
#ABloggingGoodTime Week 127
11th April 2019

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket & Figures Review & Craft!

[AD – Gifted. All opinions are our own.]
We’re huge PJ Masks fans in this house, so Alyssa was very excited to test out the new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket with lights and sounds, as well as Catboy, Gekko and Owlette figurines with their Moon Rovers. Not only that, but we were asked to have a go at creating a Space themed play mat/box/area to make playing with the new toys even more fun!

The biggest and it has to say the best thing that arrived was the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket. Available to buy at Argos, it’s a new design inspired by the PJ Masks TV show. It’s a decent size and even has working lights and sounds which is always a hit with little ones and came with batteries included.

The HQ Rocket has a carry handle on the top which makes it easy to carry around without dropping or for flying through the air. There’s a red button on the top too which makes the lights work and plays sounds from the TV show, including the theme tune.

The rocket has foldable legs and a ramp that opens and closes. Included in the box is Gekko and his space rover vehicle which can be pushed up inside and launched from the HQ rocket by dropping the ramp down from below. There are also three seats in the lift-able cockpit where all 3 characters can sit.

We also received the three moon rover sets. You can buy these from Argos; CatboyOwlette and Gekko. For the price you receive a 7.5cm PJ masks figure; Gekko, Catboy or Owlette, a moon rover vehicle and a Super Moon themed accessory. It’s time to be a hero – and your little one will love these sets. Each of the figures can sit on the moon rover, and hold on to the front where there are two handles. The hands are designed to grip these, so the character stays in place. Plus there little accessories make for great extras!

We absolutely loved all the figurines, moonrover bikes, accessories and of course the amazing Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket too. The legs of the rocket come off really easily and we do have to keep popping them back on. It’s also not really possible to use these figures to sit in the rocket as they seem bigger than the standard figures we already had which fit fine. Other than that they’ve all been great fun!

We were also set the challenge to make and craft our own space play are. So, we decided to do a video so you could have a go too…


  1. It looks so cool #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Laurie says:

    My youngest grandson is a big PJ Masks fan. Thanks for sharing! He will love this!

  3. Heather Keet says:

    My nephew would LOVE this, he’s a huge fan of the cartoon! #ABloggingGoodTime