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Personalise Your Home with Photowall

*AD – Gifted. All opinions are my own.

If you follow my blog you will know that we actually live in a rented house (because who on earth can afford to buy these days??!) and whilst I’d love my own home we have to make do with what keeps a roof over our heads don’t we. One thing I dislike about rented is that it can often feel like the house isn’t your home as you are restricted with what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorating. Fortunately for us we do have a very relaxed landlord who has given us pretty much free reign to do as we’d like so I cannot complain at all. However, a lot of people aren’t so lucky and can only make minimal changes and when they move out, often have to rectify these changes and restore the property to it’s original condition (sometimes easier said than done!!) A simple and effective way to make your mark without making actual marks would be to dress your walls with various pictures and prints. When Photowall asked if I’d like to work with them I was delighted to have the opportunity to add some character to our walls…

The idea of Photowall was born in 2006 when brothers Niklas and Charlie Johansson realised that the selection of personalised wall art on the market was relatively limited. With their technical background and a keen interest in design, they decided to try something new – printing wallpaper digitally. Without any previous printing experience, the brothers bought their very first digital printing press in 2006 – and Photowall was born! A company focused on quality, creative design and custom-made products. Today, Photowall is a well-established company with offices and its own wallpaper production site in Stockholm. From the very beginning, it has been driven by the desire to create and constantly test new ideas. They not only provide amazing wallpaper but also murals as well as prints and posters.

I decided that we needed to brighten up our front porch area which obviously is the first thing seen when people walk into the house. I had a lovely blank wall and a retro green floral carpet so wanted something fairly natural and nature based. So I chose this beautiful plants print with a really light wooden frame. It brings the outdoors inside and provides a natural pop of colour.

The array of prints and posters on offer was immense and some of the ones I enjoyed the most were the beautiful animal prints. I thought this fox would work wonderfully within my daughter’s woodland themed room as well as the bunny print too. They look like hand drawn pencil pictures and there is something so relaxed and whimsical about them.

Overall, I was so pleased with the products and service provided by Photowall. They make it incredibly easy to shop by having frame suggestions when you are ordering and automatically they appear in the correct size so I wasn’t panicking as to whether or not I’d bought a frame that matched my posters. The choice is massive and there was literally something for everyone I know on there and several prints I would adore for myself – I’ll be heading back there when I finally finish decorating my rooms. I’d definitely recommend Photowall for great service, easy to use quality products at really good prices!

If you use code “mummyinatutu20” you will get an amazing discount at the checkout when purchasing from PhotoWall. Valid until the end of March 2023.

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