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19th October 2020
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Nadiya’s Deluxe Baking Set for Kids Review

*Ad-Gifted. All opinions are my own.
To help kids gain confidence in the kitchen, Nadiya Hussain has released 3 different baking sets. They are designed for kids, both is size and aesthetics, to help them have more independence in the kitchen and really get stuck in to baking. There are 3 baking sets, SimpleSavoury and Deluxe, each containing the items you need for cooking the recipes included. We were sent the Deluxe Baking Set to try out, and Alyssa was so excited as given the opportunity she would bake all day every day…as long as she isn’t the one who has to do the cleaning up.

The Deluxe Set we were sent costs around £25 and provides all the tools needed to bake the recipes that are included in the box. The set includes a whisk, spatula, rolling pin, 12 silicone cupcake cases, a sieve, 3 cookie cutters, a mixing bowl, measuring spoons, the all important apron and six easy to make recipes written by Nadiya. We found all the items included were fab for the kids to use, as they are the perfect size for their little hands, no sharp corners and all so handy to be popped in the dishwasher to be cleaned.

The Deluxe Baking Set has recipes for new things that we haven’t tried before, as well as different variations on classics that I’m sure Alyssa will really love both baking AND eating!

  • Star anise gingerbread men
  • Very berry breakfast muffins
  • Pastry roses
  • Cookie mallows
  • Zebra cake
  • Rock cakes

I also like the silicone cupcake cases, which are great for saving on waste. The rolling pin was as lightweight as it could get away with and was really easy for Alyssa to use and she put her skills into practice rolling out pizza dough with it!

Everything is so easy for the kids to use and clean and following recipes is such a great way for kids to improve their reading skills as well as maths skill as they have to weigh and measure ingredients out, so we for that reason we loved Nadiya’s recipes that were included.

You can feel the quality in this set, the products are all brilliant and you can see a lot of care has gone into the sets and also making them very inclusive and giving our little people all the things in the kitchen that they always want to get their hands on! I would totally recommend this set if your little one loves to cook and bake. I have given Alyssa her own little section in a cupboard in the kitchen where she can go and help herself to her little baking set because not only is it good for when we are actually cooking but also for whipping up potions and playing make believe too!

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