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15th April 2021
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20th April 2021

Motherhood: The Best Advice I Can Give You Is…

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A guest post from the blog A Mum Reviews – https://amumreviews.co.uk/

Motherhood is a wonderful experience, but it is also hard work. Part of it is because of all the actual work it takes to bring children into the world, look after them, raise them and keep them safe full-time for many years and the other part is the pressure that we put on ourselves or have put on us from society and the people around us. 

I have been a mother for just over seven years and now have three children. I am not a parenting expert in any way but have learnt a few things from being a mum that might resonate with or help other mums so here is the best advice I can give you about motherhood:

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Do it your Way

There are as many ways to parent as there are parents. Do not try to follow someone else’s routine and schedules as, even if they work for them and their children, they might not work for your family. Figure out what works for you and do that and allow for flexibility as not all days are the same. 

Don’t try to be Perfect

So many of us mums put huge pressure on ourselves to be perfect mums but there is no such thing. Some days are a struggle and real life is not perfect. There will be meltdowns and shouting from both parents and kids on some days! You can help yourself by cutting yourself some slack as that will help make you less stressed and that will make you a happier mum. Some days, a freezer dinner and skipping bath time will save your sanity. 

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Help Your Future Self

Helping your future self is such a great way to reduce stress and feel like you are more in control as a mum. Tidy up the kitchen before bedtime, clear the living room of toys before the kids go to bed (get them to help too!) and get as much of the school stuff prepared the night before – little things that take a few minutes but will make such a difference to your day and your outlook. 

The Empty Cup Thing is True

You can’t pour from an empty cup is a saying that is so true when it comes to motherhood. Some days it is hard to even get time to brush your hair but making some time for yourself each day is so important, especially when you are a mum and so much of your time and focus is on the kids. Do little things that you love, and your cup will be fuller! My favourite this is having a bath and reading a book.

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