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13th November 2020
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Moonpig: Launch of the New App

moonpig launch

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Let’s face it, we have all gone to love and often rely on card delivery services. We can upload pictures, personalise them AND most importantly if we forget and don’t have time to dash to the shops, we can even get one delivered the very next day. They have expanded so much to include flowers, gifts of chocolate and wine and so much more. Well, Moonpig have taken it up a notch with the launch of their brand new app!

moonpig app

I was so excited to be invited to their virtual launch night where I also got to take a sneak peak at their gorgeous Christmas flowers and had a go at arranging my own, get involved with a cocktail workshop AND learn all about the brand spanking new Moonpig App.

The Moonpig App Masterclass

Myself and a few other bloggers, back in October, joined some of the creative geniuses from Moonpig on a live Zoom event to find out all about the new Moonpig App that has recently launched making it quicker and easier than ever to send a token to that special friend or family member.

Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be complicated. Moonpig makes being thoughtful super easy and convenient because you can craft the perfect Christmas card wherever, whenever, with just a couple of clicks. a man in a shirt texting on a phone

Their range of 10,000+ cards and intricate filters means you can easily find the perfect one to create that wow-factor. And when you add a heartfelt message inside that will blow them away, you’re giving them something nonpareil, something extraordinary.

Some of the amazing features on the app, include being able to HAND WRITE your own message for inside the card – which really is next level WOW! The app makes it so easy to search for exactly what you need plus there is the added bonus of having a calendar on it to remind you of upcoming events and an address book to store all those details that you need. You can turn on notifications for calendar events, so you’ll never forget a birthday or anniversary again.

PLUS, they will now combine postage when you choose to send items to the same address – I LOVE this app and it’s been on my phone and in use ever since the event. If you have a load of Christmas cards you want sending out this year, download the app from the app store (both IOS and Android) and get cracking.

The app is available to download from the app store. I also have an exclusive discount code for 20% off all card orders made using the app – Enter APP20CA to claim your discount!

moonpig flower arranging

Flower Masterclass 

Roxanne from Moonpig held the flower arranging class and taught us how to create the perfect Christmas centrepiece. We received a bunch of hand-selected flowers and decorations by Roxanne who taught us all about flower arranging from scratch. I never thought I’d be able to do this but was really pleased with the outcome of my arrangement. 

Flowers are strongly tied to Christmas, and given our current situation, Moonpig want to remind people that something as simple as sending a Christmas bouquet can be enough to totally change someone’s day. No matter the occasion, a bouquet’s job is to cheer people up, make people feel calm and add positivity and the range of flowers available from Moonpig is wonderful.

moonpig espresso martini

Cocktails Masterclass 

Conor from Mix & Twist held the cocktail masterclass and taught us how to make three delicious cocktails. The vodka garden was my absolute favourite and after tasting it I am not sure I ever want to drink another cocktail again because it was just so good. Moonpig sells the vodka we used as part of the cocktails and other spirits are available as well. 

If like me you love a good cocktail then you should definitely give these ones a try;

  • Vodka Garden: 45ml Belvedere Vodka, 25ml lime juice, 25ml sugar syrup,  6-8 mint leaves, 25ml elderflower soda, 1inch Cucumber slice 
  • Kiwi Collins: 45ml Belvedere Vodka, half peeled kiwi, 25ml lemon juice, 25ml sugar syrup and soda top
  • Gingerbread Espresso Martini: 45ml Belvedere Vodka, 15ml Gingerbread syrup & 60ml Espresso

moonpig green cocktail

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