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7th December 2019
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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you cannot afford to get a gift. We are often of the opinion that because someone gives us a gift, out of politeness we must return the favour with something equally as nice, whether we can afford to or not. This should not be the case. It is difficult, but we need to understand what financial state we are in and simply try and live within our means and sometimes that might mean that you’re unable to give someone a gift or at least one you have bought. Just because money is tight, it doesn’t mean you cannot give them a gift. Here are a few homemade Christmas gift suggestions, to help you out this festive season.

I bought some white frames (you could buy coloured but for me this was like starting with a blank canvas) then use things such as sequins, permanent markers buttons, letter beads, stickers and a decent glue to stick it all down with. I am not overly artistic, I just have rare moments, but this is super easy and something the kids can join in with and perhaps a great gift for close family or grandparents.

If you use a printing company like Snapfish, you can get photos printed for as little as 4 p a picture, meaning your overall present can cost as little as £2 and will come straight from the heart.

Self-Care Gifts

Need some Holiday Cheer or looking for a super easy Christmas gift? Get into the Holiday Season with this festive homemade peppermint sugar scrub. Use red and green dye to make a pretty layered mason jar gift that anyone would love to receive. Or leave undyed and raw sugar to make a relaxing Foot Sugar Scrub that will leave feet feeling amazing. Full tutorial over on Meraki Mother.

bowl of sugar scrub

This homemade coffee scrub made with orange essential oil can help nourish skin and lessen the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. The antioxidants in the coffee provide a temporary anti-inflammatory that helps skin appear firmer and help prevent premature skin ageing. The almond oil and vitamin e will moisturise your skin leaving it silky smooth. Perfect for all our tired mummy friends. Full tutorial over on A pumpkin and a princess.


Looking for the perfect homemade gift to make for your friends? These simple little homemade teacup candles are beautiful and elegant, yet so easy to make! Full tutorial available on Little House Living.

These stove-top scents make great gifts to give to neighbours, co-workers or as a give-away for an event. Best part is, it uses up things that might have been thrown away and you can use egg cartons to wrap all the bits up in and still look amazing. Full tutorial is available on The Weathered Palette.

Edible Gifts

These soup mixes are the *perfect* handmade gift for you to give to your loved ones. They are affordable to make (just a few pence a pop), they are delicious, they are thoughtful, and my favourite part—they are consumable. You give the gift, the giftee uses it and appreciates it, and then it’s gone – no hanging around, unused in cupboards. The full tutorial is available on Wholefully.

This of course isn’t limited to soups – you can take any old jar, get the label off and shove in ingredients for cookies, hot chocolate, biscuits, all sorts of whatever you have lying around. Tie and bow around the lid and stick a label on it and you have a really thoughtful gift to be enjoyed.

Please do not feel you have to gift this Christmas. If you cannot afford to them simply explain that’s the case but instead offer the gift of time – a muddy walk through the woods, a carpet picnic in a homemade fort, a trip to the park or a movie night on the sofa under a duvet.

If you’d like more homemade gift ideas, why not check out Pinterest. 


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