Meet: Rachel Bustin!
14th May 2016
Meet: The Mumzilla!
14th May 2016

Meet: Beauty, Baby & Me

I’m Fi, a 32 year old first time Mummy to my little scrummy boy Josh and a somewhat undomesticated goddess to my gorgeous husband Sam. Loving the family life, complete with two very annoying cats and my husbands pride and joy fish tank (after Josh of course) !!

I live in Norfolk, but am a bit of a useless country bumpkin thanks to my, usually totally inappropriate choice of shoes! I am loving being a Mummy, although I can’t lie it was hard work at first. I started blogging a year ago after going through a really tough time, suffering anxiety and panic attacks. Falling pregnant changed my whole life and I’ve not suffered a panic attack in over a year.

I love to write and do so very honestly; I love it when people read what I’ve written and can relate to it cause I’ve written from the heart. I try to be a really positive person and am a real girls girl. I’m absolutely loving blogging and being part of such a fun and supportive community.

Lover of prosecco, candles, shopping, cake, and shoes. So grateful to be a part of the tribe! Everyone is so amazing and I love reading everyones blogs! Hope you enjoy reading what I’ve got to say. Loving blogging and being a full time Mum and being a part of this amazing community.


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