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Geeks & Gamers Christmas Gift Guide
18th November 2021
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25th November 2021

Kids Christmas Gift Guide

kids christmas

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One of the things I love most about Christmas, is watching Alyssa open her gifts and marvelling at the magic that somehow Santa knew what she wanted and did his best to bring it. She is so incredibly grateful for whatever she gets and it’s wonderful to watch the Christmas magic. This year I seem to have a LOT of children to buy a present for and so here is my Kids Christmas Gift Guide for a whole range of ages!

kids christmas

An urgent mission to save the multiverse from an evil criminal mastermind? Awesome! Send up to three children on an epic quest to look for themselves (and save each other) in a personalized search-and-find book. Think “Where’s Wally?” but with your kids own avatar in various roles throughout this amazing book from Wonderbly! Choose from the regular journey, travelling through time and of course saving the multiverse! A fun and exciting book to get kids more into reading!

Both kids and teens will be jumping on board with these wellness products because you’re never too young to make sure you’re taking care of you! This Wild Neroli Shampoo Egg is a zero-waste solid shampoo bar will leave your hair as clean as your conscience and the honeyed scent of wild neroli will transport you to warm sun-kissed surroundings. For teens what about the Get The Glow Collection. This exclusive set gives you a three-step routine that is sure to lend skin a plump, resurfaced and glowing complexion. This is an absolute must-have set if you’re replenishing your stocks or introducing a loved one to the brand.

Start a fun-filled adventure with Peppa Pig in My Friend Peppa Pig! Create your character, ring the doorbell, and step into the popular TV show. Peppa suggests activities everywhere you go, from the Museum to Potato City. Help find Daddy Pig’s glasses, follow forest tracks, splash in muddy puddles, and more. Every playtime is different!

Go into the night to save the day as Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko in PJ Masks: Heroes of the Night! Use your superpowers to explore the world of PJ Masks and find hidden collectibles, in a platforming adventure for little heroes. Can you stop villains Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja taking over the world?

Great quality childrens adjustable quad skate from the SFR brand. Strength and durability are key features ideal for junior / beginner skaters. We price match any retailer. 

The new SFR Stomper adjustable skates are available from Junior size 6 and feature a solid base with PU cast grippy wheels wider at the rear for extra stability, making them ideal for smaller and first time skaters.  

The Stomper roller skates are size adjustable meaning they can be adjusted as your child’s feet grow, so you get four sizes for the price of one! Features high grip and quality PU (Polyurethane) skate wheels for maximum responsiveness when skating.

The stylish Wipeout Protective Pad Set can be customised by kids ready for a new adventure! Includes Multi-Sport Wristguards, Knee Pads & Elbow Pads, as well as 23 dry erase non-toxic markers for youngsters to add their own designs. They can also wipe clean and start again over and over! Designed for use across a multitude of roller sports, including Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, Roller skates and Inline skates (roller blades). These are a MUST combination when paired with brand new roller skates, skateboards and scooters!

Join the fun with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Twin Pack – Neon Purple / Neon Orange. The versatile Joy-Con offer multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun. Two Joy-Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as one game controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip. They can also attach to the main console for use in handheld mode, or be shared with friends to enjoy two-player action in supported games.

Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, and each includes an accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensor, making independent left and right motion control possible. But there’s more! Imagine the Joy-Con is a glass containing ice cubes. With HD rumble, when you move and tilt the Joy-Con you can feel the ice cubes clanking around. HD rumble feels so realistic that you can even tell how many cubes there are, almost as if you’re actually holding a glass in your hand! The HD rumble function included in the Joy-Con creates an immersive gameplay experience that isn’t possible with images and sounds alone.

This festive Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny wooden hanging ornament has been intricately created and comes encased in a beautiful eco-friendly glass dome. This classic vintage style helps bring to life the original illustrations from the Beatrix Potter stories. 

The Micro Spy Gear set is perfect for mobile Spy Surveillance! Features a utility belt with 4 micro tools, including a Micro spy light (with an ear clip for hands-free), an Invisible ink pen (decoder light reveals secret messages), a Micro Motion Alarm (beam detects movement or vibration) and a Micro listener (features ear piece).

Spy surveillance on-the-go! Perfect for little secret agents, this kit encourages kids to explore their surroundings and increases spatial awareness.

How about some treasure hunting with the Science Mad Digital Metal Detector?! This lightweight metal detector is a great way for young explorers to discover common metal objects. Featuring a sensitivity and volume control, the detector emits a beeping sound when close to metal, and the flashing indicator lights speed up and change colour.

This Clementoni L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Designer set is so much fun for creative kids! On the luminous drawing board, they can recreate all the characters from L.O.L Surprise! They’ll have so much fun tracing out the included images of their favourite dolls, before decorating them with crayons, paints and stickers! Not only is this drawing set lots of fun, it also helps to develop their manual dexterity too.

Got a little one who is creative? Why not try out the I’m A Genius Perfume Laboratory. An original laboratory containing everything you need to create your very own range of perfumes, just like a real perfume designer. Mix natural essences, create unique fragrances and package your perfumes in the latest styles! The instructions explain how to create your very own perfumes, and you will learn about the history of perfumes from antiquity to present day. 

The Original Stomp Rocket. The Super Stomp Rocket launches rockets up to 400 feet in the air! No batteries required, fast easy assembly. Great for fun & educational games. 100% KID powered: Run, jump and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 400 feet in the air — that’s longer than a football field, including the end zones!

This cool dinosaur colour-in pillowcase from Eat Sleep Doodle makes one of the best gifts for children who like dinosaurs! They can colour-in and write on the different dinosaur names using the enclosed set of ten wash-out fabric pens. Then simply wash the pillowcase on a warm cycle, the ink disappears completely, and it’s ready to go again! It’s a fantastically fun and educational gift for kids and they can find out more info about the dinosaurs they’re colouring on their learning resource page

How to get help with wrapping your Christmas gifts? Give the children our colour-in gift wrap to decorate and personalise! 

Just the best fun, our illustration is garlanded with crackers, reindeer, stars and stockings and so much more – everything festive, seasonal and Christmassy. The perfect way to get into the Christmas Spirit! 

Prometheus is a new game for a new era for all the family. Prometheus is the must-have strategic big game for all the family, and suitable for 7 year olds plus. Prometheus is a strategy game with simple rules and an infinitely fascinating set of outcomes. It’s easier and quicker to play than chess, more intriguing than draughts, and more exciting than both.

The iconic 80’s brand and original soft toy collectables are ready to meet a whole new generation of kids! Featuring Care Bears in all new stylisations and vibrant colours it will be hard to choose which one to bring home! Wish Bear is a teddy bear who helps make wishes come true, and even if they don’t always come true, making wishes and working hard to help make them come true is still fun! She is a good listener and has a smiling yellow shooting star on her tummy

Crystalina fairy dolls are the light-up fairy dolls that combine the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights, bringing bring together the fun of role play with collectable dolls.

  • Crystalina dolls light-up to embody a crystal element with magical properties – or auras! 
  • Collect 4 characters: Turquoise (Healing), Rose Quartz (Love), Amethyst (Wisdom), and Aventurine (Luck).
  • Give the Crystalina fairies a little shake to change their colour and focus their power. 
  • Crystalina fairies share an enchanted connection & can magically pass colours back & forth! The more fairies you bring together the more dazzling the dancing rainbow light display.
  • Each doll comes with a wearable, crystal-shaped amulet that passes colourful “crystal powers” in the form of LED light patterns to the doll and back to the amulet. This means that kids can harness the Crystalina fairy power too!
  • Need Luck? Use the doll to change the amulet into different colours and patterns to reflect that positive energy.
  • The amulets can “collect” different colours and light patterns from the different dolls, which means that children can share their crystal powers with friends who have their own amulet.
  • The dolls feature brushable hair and each comes with a moon-shaped doll stand, which collects the dolls’ different colours and light patterns to create a glowing room display when a Crystalina doll is placed upon it!

Today’s Forecast: Sunny with a chance of good vibes thanks to L.O.L Surprise! OMG Doll Series 4.5 – Sunshine!

Unbox LOL Surprise OMG Series 4.5 fashion doll Sunshine Gurl with 20 surprises. Sunshine Gurl has stunning features, beautiful hair and her own fabulous style. Plus, she’s the big sister to fan favourite LOL Surprise character, Dawn!

Opposites 4 eva! LOL Surprise OMG Series 4.5 is opposite themed. Collect both Sunshine Gurl and Moonlight B.B.! Each package also comes with a removable piece that is half of a circle.

Collect both to complete the unique BFF circle! The package also becomes a reusable play space for Sunshine Gurl to strut her stuff and show off her personality. Unbox Sunshine Gurl’s fabulous garment bag to reveal a fashion and open her hatbox to find her accessories. Have her strike a pose to show off her included doll stand.

Guess Who? is a family-friendly game for budding detectives. This is the original guessing game, featuring traditional tabletop style boards. Each player chooses a mystery character and then using yes or no questions, they try to figure out the other player’s character.

Once you’ve cracked the case, it’s time to say who you think your opponent is playing. But if your guess is wrong, you lose the game! Players can also challenge opponents to a series of games in the Championship Series, where the first player to win 5 games is the Guess Who? champion.

Guess Who? is suitable from 6 years old.

Try squeezing the Giant Cadbury selection box into your Christmas stocking! The biggest selection box (measuring 43cm by 31.5cm) on the market is exclusive to Cadbury Gifts Direct and cannot be found in shops or supermarkets. Each Giant Selection box contains fifteen popular Cadbury chocolate bars and a Christmas Selection pack. The limited edition Giant Cadbury Selection box makes a great and impactful Christmas gift.

Create your own fabulous Princess Castle model, complete with princess and carriage. Follow the assembly instructions to pop out the rigid foam board parts and connect the numbered parts to build the 3D model. No glue, no scissors, no tools needed. The front of the model is the facade of the building and the back is the inside of the building together with furniture and everything you would expect to find in a princess castle, as well as moving doors and windows. Combines the joy of doing puzzles, the challenge of following instructions and the imagination of play with the finished building.

Maze Kraze takes the classic marble run and turns it into a magnetic 3D jigsaw puzzle, encouraging children and adults alike to enjoy thought-provoking strategy games that aid learning in a fun and unique way.

Children will love this versatile 3-in-1 marble run game that Is so much more than a a marble run or a puzzle. Maze Kraze is a magnetic marble run, maze game and fridge magnet game all in one, designed to help children problem solve brain teaser puzzles they have created themselves.

LEGO® Knight Bus™! When kids catch the purple triple-decker bus, they know they’re in for a wild ride back to Hogwarts. With a hinged side panel for easy access to the interior, and a removable roof to reveal the upper deck, this magical bus is bursting with play potential. Once Harry’s trunk has been loaded, it’s time to hold tight. As the Knight Bus races away, swerving around corners and bouncing over bumps, kids will love how the bed slides back and forth and the chandelier swings from the ceiling. The Knight Bus toy playset comes with 3 minifigures and plenty of fun accessories to transport wizards, witches and Muggles alike to a world of imaginative play.

A card game alternative to the ever-popular Pop Up Pirate, in Ahoy There each buccaneer will be loaded with a hand of loot cards and must steal cards from their neighbours, aiming to keep the best ones for themselves – with curse cards along the way to determine who will sink or swim.

Once each player is on to their last card, players will tot up their haul to see which pirate will captain the ship, and which will be shown the plank. It’s the perfect stocking filler this Christmas for any budding pirates!

The Kelty Bestie Blanket is a MUST HAVE for every trip – it can be used to wrap around you during a chilly night around the campfire, in your back garden, on a trip to the beach, for picnics, festivals and as an extra layer on top of your sleeping bag or to wrap the kids in the car when they fall asleep.  We can’t imagine an adventure that wouldn’t be improved by bringing your Bestie.   Finished with super-soft fabrics on both sides, it’s great over rough rocks or pokey grass. The Bestie Blanket is available in 4 new colours – Cranberry/Painted Ombre, Grisaille/Kale

Petal Party Jewellery Making Kit has everything you need to make flower-inspired baubles worthy of any garden party. The handy carrying case makes it easy to take your jewellery making supplies on the go

Tying into the ever-increasing trend of healthy eating, Bea the Banana is one of Lamaze’s latest award-winning launches from its My First Garden collection. Encouraging fine motor skills, tactile development and problem solving, Bea is full of fun textures waiting to be explored, from the knottie arms and satin ribbons to its chewy leaf perfect to support teething babies.

Little ones can peel Bea for peak-a-boo fun, and with its clip and go function, simply attach it to your pram, highchair, or baby bag so your baby never needs to be away from their new best friend!

The perfect toy for keeping little ones entertained Bea the Banana is the perfect stocking filler this festive period.

Got a dinosaur fan? What about this Natural History Museum Dinosaur Torch and Projector! This fantastic projector torch projects amazing images of Dinosaurs around your room. View the fascinating images on your walls and ceilings including T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and more – a great bedtime companion to make going to sleep more fun. The torch comes with three slide discs with a total of 24 colour photographs. Swap and change the slides easily by pulling back the plastic flap and inserting the chosen disc then rotate the disc round to view the fantastic colour images which project up to one meter wide. Images are easily focused by turning the lens head. This product can be used as a normal torch without the slides in place and is great for keeping on bedside tables to give comfort to children during the night.

Bring a unique animal to life with this Eugy 3D Llama Model! The beautifully detailed miniature animal figures come with colourful details and an adorable face, so kids will love piecing the 3D puzzle together. With a range of different animal designs in the collection, you can collect all your favourites!

Create this super-cute Christmas 3D model of a Snowman. This sweet collectable figure takes about 20 minutes to put together using the numbered pieces of shaped card and stuck using the enclosed non-toxic glue. The sturdy little snowman figure will make a great stocking-filler and be a lasting memento of Christmas-time.

Fill your room with rainbows with My Very Own Rainbow. This set includes a rainbow light projector and a sunlight crystal.

This enchanting light projector projects rainbow colours on walls and ceilings with multi-coloured LED lights. My Very Own Rainbow is a charming nightlight to inspire sweet dreams. For more rainbow magic, place the sunlight rainbow crystal in a sunny window to see rainbows dance around your room.

Meet the cutest, cuddliest, glow-in-the-dark besties from BeamiesWorld!

It is a fact! Soft toys are super popular right now and which is why the characters from BeamiesWorld are making heads turn and are ready to brighten up children’s days – and nights! 

Created by Happy Line Toys, The BeamiesWorld Characters are the cutest, cuddliest besties that kids could ever wish for! These plush pals are perfect for pretend play by day, and they also make for ideal cuddle buddies by night, thanks to their cool glow-in-the-dark design! Every Beamies character shines bright when the lights are down, making them not only an ideal friend for adventure during the day but also perfect for cuddles and story time in the evening.

With children naturally drawn to soft toys, thanks to their cute appearance and sensory appeal, the BeamiesWorld collection will be a hit with parents and children alike! Not only do they make for comforting bedtime companions with friendly features that gently glow, they make ideal partners in imaginative play too. 

Here’s a total throwback that’s making a comeback the Mr Frosty! You can use the ice lolly moulds and shape trays for even more fruity creations. Simply pop your favourite fruity drinks into the moulds and place them in the freezer for a while, then take them out and they’re ready to eat. For even more fun, put the frozen shapes under Mr Frosty’s hat and turn the handle on his back to create tasty crushed ice treats for everyone. Spice up the ice with Mr Frosty! This is sure to make any Kids Christmas!

Hit the open road with the Barbie convertible – the storytelling possibilities are endless! Designed in sparkly pink with the Barbie silhouette as hood ornament, the two-seater vehicle is Barbie signature style.

The car’s sporty shape has a spoiler in back and silvery wheels that really roll. The interior is modern in black with realistic upholstery labels and seat belts for the dolls (sold separately). Push the convertible to drive wherever imagination can take you because with Barbie, anything is possible! Includes Barbie glam convertible

Perfect for your mini party animal, this super swirly Frugi Skater Dress features a fun Forest Foxes all over print, made for autumnal festivities! The fab gathers and full circular skirt are ready for a celebration and are perfect for your little one to twirl and dance around. This long-sleeved dress has a gorgeous Pacific Aqua sash around the waist and a pretty bow at the back that can be easily popped on or off. Pop the coordinating Colby Cardigan over the top for an extra layer of warmth this chilly season. I know Alyssa will be wearing hers to the Kids Christmas party!

LiTTLEDUG has landed with this Limited Edition Toy Workstation and Tool Set. Great for imaginative play and developing a child’s fine motor skills.

  • 64 Piece Set including tools and accessories
  • Bench also includes play vice and storage bins
  • Recommended for children 3+
  • Easy to build and take apart

Pusheen is a female cartoon cat who is the main character in comic strips and iconic, adorable stickers on Facebook and Instagram, created in 2010 by Claire Bolton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their famous website called ‘Everyday Cute’. It is used on social media sites and their blog. Pusheen is a cat who adores blogging herself, snacking on her favourite foods, and going on adventures, just like her crazy cat fans!

This Gift Box Set is perfect for a fan of the adorable Pusheen. Inside is an Official 2022 Square Calendar, a sweet A5-sized diary, and a Pusheen pen all presented in a beautiful keepsake box.

There are endless ways to use the Let’s Play Activity Cube! It is an essential toy for childhood development and is packed full of benefits.

Your little learners will enjoy hours of fun moving the brightly coloured beads along the winding and spiralling tracks. This activity will develop hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. 

In addition, this activity set can be used as a shape sorting toy. Your little learners will use logic, reasoning and trial and error to fit the shapes into the correct slots. This is an ideal introduction to geometry as your kids will become familiar with different shapes and sizes. 

This traditional snakes and ladders board is reversible with ludo board game on the back – just flip it over! Two games in one.

The ludo and snakes and ladders playing pieces are genuine wood – (not plastic) – completely solid wood playing pieces and a beautiful wooden dice.

This beautiful game set makes the ultimate family board game gift. It comes packed with trademark Jaques ‘historical tissue paper’ and wrapped with a luxury branded ribbon.

Speed through meals and cleaning times with our car themed weaning plate. Don’t worry, the car won’t be racing off the table or the high chair as it has been engineered to stick strongly to any smooth and non porous surface with its super suction detachable base. It’s a vehicle for yummy food only. 

This car has been perfectly designed to entice little ones to try new food. It has two sections to ease any worries about that pasta touching the sauce.

It’s a very eco-friendly car and thus you can take it into the city without receiving the congestion charge! It’s made of natural bamboo which can be recycled and is biodegradable. Other great things about our bamboo products are they are NOT mixed with melamine or other chemicals. 

The car is sold with a matching colour cup with straw and our best selling bamboo suction bowl which parents tell us is their absolute MUST HAVE when weaning. 

Aveeno Baby Mum & Baby Giftset

This giftset is the perfect skincare bundle for you & your baby.

It includes:

  • AVEENO® Daily Moisturising Lotion 300ml for you, this lotion is specially formulated with colloidal oatmeal and is clinically proven to moisturise for 24 hours
  • AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Hair & Body Wash 300ml for your baby, this wash gently cleanses dry and sensitive baby skin from top to toe
  • AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion 150ml for your baby, specially designed for the first few weeks of baby’s life, this lotion moisturises dry and delicate skin for 24h
  • Additionally, a soft teddy bear comforter!

Don’t forget to check out our Adults and Geeks & Gamers gift guides too!

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