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8th December 2021
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Great Ideas for Kids Bedroom Themes

Why just paint a child’s room pink or blue, when there are so many fantastic room decorations available these days. Why not pick a theme for your decorating that will make your child’s room a place that stimulates imagination? It could be transformed into a wonderful place for adventure and you could illuminate your home with lights. Here are 5 ideas for themes that you child may love

  • Zoo Animals

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! This is one of the easiest themes to implement, because of all the wall appliques, crib and bedding sets and toys available.  Imagine the golden plains of Africa, with giraffes or lions, or a deep green jungle, with monkeys flying in the trees or spinning from a mobile. With this theme, stuffed animals become part of room decor.

  • Space

A space theme can encourage your child’s exploration of science and let them know that there are no limits to what they can achieve in their lives. Try putting glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, so that they can drift off to sleep at night, looking up at the stars. Or you could get a projection machine to light the ceiling up like a planetarium. Wall stickers could put space ships or astronauts on the walls. Very also has deals on headboards and bedding sets in star and planet themes.  You could add accent pieces, like lamps or space lego sets, to round out the design.

  • Farm

For this theme you could decorate with barnyard animals and turn the room into a barn, or use elements of a rustic farm house. If you do home gardening, this could encourage the children to learn about botany, nutrition, and growing their own food. This theme lends itself to big bold colors, like a blue sky, red barns and green fields.

  • Castle

Here is your chance to go “Game of Thrones” on your child’s room. You could make their room fit for a lady or a brave knight. Try using a stencil to paint the pattern of a castle’s stone wall, or use tromp l’oeil effects with paint or wall stickers, to give their room the look of a grand palace. You could pair this with toys and costumes that encourage playing make believe. Imagination is important.

  • Travel

Use photographs in frames, postcards, or in murals to give your child new windows on the world. Let the decor show the child how big and varied the ecosystems and cultures of the world really are. Travel items, like old suitcases can help with the decor and be toys for the imagination. If your family travels, update the decor with photos of places the child has visited. Soon they will see that the world is theirs to explore.

Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post

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