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17th December 2021
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Great Places to Visit in London

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*This is a collaborative post.

I never thought I would say this and I thought it would pain me to admit it but it turns out I am a bit of a country girl at heart.  Hardly surprising when I have been brought up in rural Dorset and lived here for the majority of my life but it genuinely came as a bit of a surprise to me. I went to University in Winchester which was a thriving town, lived in Sicily in an area that was even more remote but still townish but now I find myself yearning for a village and a quiet country walk… which is just so odd. Gosh, perhaps I am getting old. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy going to towns and window shopping and wishing I had copious amounts of money to spend. However, London still holds a little place in my heart. So many people hate London, think it’s too big or too much, so I thought I’d share with you why I love it so much and how travelling to London with kids doesn’t need to be a hassle!

covent garden looking down into the pits and seeing people watch the performer

Covent Garden

One of my favourite parts about London is Covent Garden. To me it is just magic. I can walk around and imagine Audrey Hepburn doing My Fair Lady and I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat down on the cobbled pavement, with food from a local vendor and listened to the music coming from the pits. One day, I intend to go back with a bit more money on me and actually sit in the pits with a glass of champagne and watch the performers. But until then, it’s a wonderful place to show Alyssa and talk about the history and enjoy the delights.


There is so much to see and do in London that  I have taken a tour or two a couple of times when I have been. I may be from the UK but I love acting like a tourist when in London. I have taken an open top bus and gone all around the city as well as doing some walking tours. I was thinking about trying out the James Bond Tour in London the next time I go as the movies are so iconic and I have watched so many…particularly the Pierce Brosnan ones; just saying.

the west end lit up at night with theatre billboards

The West End

This, obviously is my favourite of all, having performed there myself a long time ago. Even today, when I enter a theatre, I still get that feeling come over me, like I am about to watch some magic and I just love it. Wandering around the theatres of the West End, you never know what you’re going to spot or who you are going to see and although I have hung up my performing shoes, the itch returns when strolling around some of the most amazing theatres in the world. Alyssa loves performing as much as me and being in the audience – I cannot wait to experience the West End with her.

Have you been to London? What do you love about it?

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