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13th April 2018
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14th April 2018
I hate it when I completely conform to being a total cliche but at times it is completely unavoidable. What am I wittering about this time? Well, you know those stereotypes about women being obsessed with shoes well my mum is definitely one of these cliches. And handbags. I have to tell you she even has names for them all. Like actual names. I don’t know if I conform to any stereotypes other than being “one of those emotional types”as I think I am a bit quirky. However, my gorgeous little curly headed daughter definitely takes after her Nonna and conforms to one of the biggest stereotypes of all and that is for her love of shoes! How a two year old can become obsessed which shoes is anyone’s guess but she absolutely adores them. She likes going shopping for new ones and each morning helps choose her clothes for the day based upon which shoes she would like to wear that day. Coming from someone who spends most of her time is comfy sneakers I have to say I am completely jealous of her shoe collection. When Jake shoes got in touch and asked us if Alyssa would like to review a pair of shoes, I asked her if she’d like some new shoes to which I got the response “yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”….

rainbow glitter shoes

As I said, when Jake Shoes got in touch asking if Alyssa would like some new shoes, I asked her and got a big, fat, resounding yes. I had never heard of them before honestly, so wasn’t sure what to expect so before asking Alyssa I had a quick nose around their site and was pleasantly surprised.


Jake Shoes are a retailer that stock all sorts of brands and styles of shoes for men, women and children. We were asked if Alyssa would like to try a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes which is a brand I have known about and admired for a long time – they are great quality with total girly, princess appeal and I knew Alyssa would love them!

We were delighted on arrival to find a gorgeous rose patterned box as well as a few extras accessories from Lelli Kelly for Alyssa to play dress-up with. However, the big reaction came when I opened the box in front of her at which point there was a gasp followed by an “oh mama – are they for me?!” She was just in absolute awe at these beautiful shoes and honestly I couldn’t blame her.

The best way to describe Lelli Kelly shoes and in particular these shoes is that a unicorn has thrown up on them and then sneezed glitter over them to finish. They are girly, sparkly and all things amazing. She put them on there and then and in spite of the fact we weren’t going out anywhere, kept them on for the rest of the day. And the next day. And the next. She was most put out when I told her she could not, under any circumstance, where them to nursery where they’d be covered in god knows what, for sure.

Fast delivery from Jake Shoes meant that we didn’t have to wait long and as promised we were delivered beautiful, high quality shoes that have made a little girl very happy!
*We were sent shoes for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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