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1st February 2018
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5th February 2018
Every one, whether they are a parent or not, has heard of soft play and let’s face it for a lot of us it’s a forbidden word as we dread it. The hot stickiness of squeezing through holes designed for our toddlers because they’re stuck somewhere high up, a dodgy smell and one child, somewhere you cannot see, screaming at the top of their lungs which will remain ringing in your ears for a minimum of the rest of the day. So, what if there was an alternative and not just a mildly better alternative, I mean like a seriously cool, a million miles better alternative to once again having to trudge that awful journey to soft play?! Well, there is – have you ever heard of a children’s role play centre?! I honestly hadn’t. We have nothing around here like that at all just some questionable cafes with a few toys! However, in Burgess Hill Sussex, the brand new Adventure Avenue, Stay & Play Children’s Role Play Centre has just opened and it is absolutely brilliant…

alyssa and l in red fire engine

You might have one near you and think you know all about them or you might have no idea what I am talking about – either way allow me to enlighten you. I don’t know about you, but I love nurturing and watching the incredible imagination that Alyssa has already. She is constantly playing with her toys and giving dollies voices, having tea parties, playing house or travelling on her horse to foreign lands in search of adventure. This is all imaginative play or role play. Now, what if there was a place you could take them where they would have every single thing they could imagine in order to take imaginative play to the max?! Well, as I said in Burgess Hill, Sussex just outside the Martlets Shopping Centre there is now the ultimate centre for children’s role play called Adventure Avenue.

Behind frosted glass decorated with children playing all sorts of games, is a world of pure imagination. Step inside and you are greeted with a small reception and security gate (making it impossible for any one to go in without admittance or any child to go out without an adult) where you can either drop in on a whim or go for a pre-booked session in the play centre. Once through the gate, you are instantly in a world with no restrictions. There is a double room that is almost completely open plan – on the lower floor (there are 3 small steps down) are tables and chairs, a small hatch where drinks and food can be purchased as well as a giant fire engine that children can climb into and pretend to drive as well as costumes for them to wear. Around the fire engine are road signs, cones and ride-on cars that children have room to scoot round on.

On the upper floor are various sections for children to play in – outdoor adventure with tepee, the baby section with dolls, bottles, prams and highchairs, the veterinary clinic, the beauty salon, the music area including performance stage, the construction site, the doctor’s office, the post office, the police station, the home, the kitchen and their very own giant supermarket with trolleys, baskets and actual shopping lists – of course every area comes with props and costumes that children on all ages can wear! There is also a separate multi-sensory room which is designed to be a little quieter.

There are toilet and baby change facilities and for those adults wondering… yes there is free WiFi too! I had honestly never seen anything like it and from the second I walked in, I wished that I was a child too to go off and enjoy it – Alyssa was in heaven and was unimpressed when I told her it was time to go. Sessions are 90 minutes long (with a 5 minute warning at the end) and of course once of the best things is that you don’t have to clear up any of the mess. Staff are always on hand to help children and adults and also love diving into the make-believe with the children too… Alyssa had a great time rocking out in the music area with one of the owners, Ashleigh!

It’s hard to imagine how awesome this place is… so I can do you one better. I’ll show you…

There you have it! If you are in the Burgess Hill, Sussex area you need to get your butts down to Adventure Avenue and grab a coffee whilst the kids lose themselves in the amazing mini world that has been created down there. If you’re not in the area… it’s worth the travel so hop in the car and get going. Another thing I loved was that they actually limit the number of people allowed at one time in a session, meaning there will never be too many people, so if you have a quieter/shyer child then they won’t feel too overwhelmed! Thanks so much to the team at Adventure Avenue for inviting us down – it truly was an adventure and we will be back very soon!

To pre-book an Adventure Avenue Session Click Here or Call 07715 751133

or why not just drop in!

*This is a collaborative post. Video also featured the fabulous Whinge Whinge Wine and Pass The Prosecco Please!


  1. #ablogginggoodtime
    What a brilliant idea! I definitely need to do some research to see if there is somewhere local like this

  2. Ross says:

    That sounds awesome! Will have to look into whether there is anything similar nearby for Isabelle when she’s older

  3. Jane says:

    That looks amazing. We need one in Dorset!

  4. This is totally cute I have commented over on the Vlog

  5. Lucy At Home says:

    Wow this looks amazing! I’ve never heard of anywhere like this before but what a great idea. My kids both have great imaginations too and dressing up is their favourite thing to do. I wish we lived a bit closer because they would love it. #ablogginggoodtime

  6. I hate soft play centres with a passion! Never mind the dubious hygiene of such places – my kids always come out hyper. And I mean hyper! Sensory overload here we come! So finding out there is an alternative is fantastic! Only wish now that there would be such a place here in Ireland.

  7. Nita says:

    This is amazing! My little one loves role play and is forever pottering around in his kitchen! I need to find one of these near us, its so much better than soft play where its just crawling up and down… I hate them, it just feels like I’m the one being put through boot camp! #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Tubbs says:

    That looks brilliant! We’ve got something similar locally and the Tubblet used to love it when she was that age.

  9. We always used to joke that softplay smells of bum. On a serious note, this one looks really cool. We have a few great ones near us. Sarah #ablogginggoodtime

  10. I love places like this for little ones. A safe place to play and explore. #ablogginggoodtime

  11. Looks like a nice place! Our kid doesn’t really do role play, but the music area and some of the other parts could still be good fun for him ? #ablogginggoodtime

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