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19th November 2020
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How to Get Kids Interested In Sports

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Having kids who love sports means that they are more likely to be active and getting much needed exercise. On top of this kids who enjoy sports are also going to be more sociable, seeking out others who also enjoy sports, and they will have a true passion for life. As any sports fan will tell you, there is little more exciting than backing a team or individual in your chosen sport. Some kids naturally fall into the sporting landscape, others need a little push. If you have kids which fall into the latter category then here are some tips on how you can get them interested in sports.

a little girl playing football on the grass

Joining In With Your Kids


There is no better way to teach your kids than to actively get involved with them, and playing sports together is the smartest place to start. If you need any help on how to coach your kids or how to help them play and improve, visit Roy Spagnolo at his blog, he is a wonderful soccer coach and has lots of great tips to help. Getting tips online will help you greatly in teaching your kids as you have fun, gaining their interest as you go.

Sampling Sportsayoung girl wearing sunglasses and a rainbow swimming costume floating in a rainbow rubber ring on a pool

Playing is usually better than watching, but it will be important for your kids to sample a wide array of sports, so that they can find one to be passionate about. Whether you enjoy the sport or not, watching many events with your kids is a great way to find out if they are interested. Whether it is pool, gymnastics, baseball or swimming, watch with your kids, explain the rules, and if they are interested in it, let them try it out for real.

Sports Goods Over Tech

Tech gadgets are great but they do encourage many children to close themselves off from a more physical lifestyle, and instead remain sedentary. To counter this you should be looking to buy sports goods when the time comes to treat them. This could be a baseball bat, a football or even some clothing or protective gear. The idea is to inspire them to using their new goods, rather than buying them some fancy tech which forces them to stay home.

Keep It In The Conversationchild on a tablet

Playing football for one day during the summer is not going to convince your kid to get involved with the game, the key is to keep the sport and the idea of playing in the conversation. Updating your kids on games, events, players and news around sports is a great way to pique their interest. The onus is very much on you to maintain this, and to double down on any sport which your kid may show an interest in.


Sports should not be competitive at a young age, it is vital that your kids understand just how much fun sports can be. If you are able to inspire your kids with sports, then you will have certainly given them a gift for life.

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