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How to Add a Focal Point to Your Living Areas

From the moment you enter a room, your eyes are instantly drawn to a specific area or feature that stands out to you. You may find that it’s an accidental focal point that has simply been created by bold furniture pieces, but creating a deliberate focal point is really beneficial for your interiors. We’ll all be moving furniture and adjusting room layouts in the coming weeks to make room for one massive focal point but what about the rest of the year?! Having a focal point within your living areas is perfect for drawing the room together and adding a touch of character to a space. If you’re thinking of adding a focal point, these tips will help inspire you hopefully for once we’re done with the holiday season and rooms go back to feeling just that little less jolly and bright…

Use Wall Space

With so much space to work with, your walls are an ideal feature to use for a focal point within your living areas. The walls within your living areas will have a huge impact on how the room feels overall, from the right colour tone and detailing, resulting in the room feeling warm and welcoming. By utilising the wall space properly, you can transform the space you have into something that instantly catches the eye. Whether you use one bold wallpaper style or colour on one wall, resulting in a unique feature wall within your living areas, or you decide to keep things minimal and add a selection of photographs to the walls, you can really make the wall space stand out much more than it usually would whilst keeping the décor stylish and tidy.

Lighting Choices

It’s not always obvious, but the lighting within the room can actually have a really strong impact on how the space feels. By working the light properly, you can create a stunning focal point that boasts an aesthetical appeal, whilst still lighting up the room in a practical way. There are a few different ways in which you can create a focal point with the lighting in the room, and it’s always worth experimenting and seeing what works best for you before you decide on something for certain. You can then look at changing the tone of your lighting, as this can help you to control he atmosphere within the room. Yellow-toned lighting is perfect for creating that warm, welcoming feel, whereas a brighter, white-toned light will create a fresh, bold feel.

Enhance the TV

One of the most common focal points within living areas is the television. Whether you like it or not, your TV takes up a larger area of your living room, especially when it comes to using an oak TV unit or cabinet for the television to sit on, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to create a bold focal point. There are lots of different ways in which you can transform your television area into a statement feature for your living room. From bold accessories that enhance the cabinet or stand, to simplistic details such as photo frames and ornaments, you can really make the most of the space you have and add a dramatic touch to your décor.

Bold Colour Touches

Whether you want to use a light colour scheme filled with pastels and soft shades, or you’re more interested in adding some drama with bold colours that make your décor pop, you can really change the dynamic of a room and add a focal point with the colour choices. Using bold touches of colour really help to highlight a specific area of the room, instantly making it feel full of character and style. You can then look at complementing the bolder colours with other a pattern to enhance the space and create a bold statement. This is a great way of breaking the room up perfectly and making the space feel warm and welcoming.

*Written by Emma.

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