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Hormonal Housewives | A Review

*Ad – Gifted. All opinions are my own.
I have always, for as long as I can remember been a part of performing in some aspect. Right from a little girl in pre-school playing Mary in the Nativity through to performing on the West End, I have always loved the buzz of not only being on stage but also in a theatre watching other productions. I totally appreciate every ounce of blood, sweat and tears that goes into a production which I think makes me love watching them even more. Recently, I was invited to watch the Hormonal Housewives show at The Lighthouse Poole and give it my honest review… so here it is!

I haven’t been to Poole Lighthouse for many years but used to perform there as a child each year and so it brought back fond memories. We were in the theatre in great seats and had a perfect view of the stage which had an almost cartoon like set up with 3 neon lit doors, one of which was used for entrances and exits, a bar to one side and a sofa and chair on the other. This set stayed pretty consistent throughout the whole show, with bits just moving about and various props being brought on and costume changes.

I knew absolutely nothing about the show before I went, having heard it likened to the Vagina Monologues but that was it, so I wasn’t surprised to see a predominantly female audience. Right from the get go you should know, this is NOT a play. It is a sketch show that harks very much to the likes of Victoria Wood and Julie Walters. The 3 performers talk to each other but they also directly speak to and interact with the audience – there is no fourth wall at all.

From start to finish I was sat absolutely howling in my chair along with most of the audience. At one point I had tears streaming down my face thanks to what these women got up to on some exercise balls and Suzanne Shaw exclaiming that she had laughed so much a little bit of wee had come out.

Why was the show so funny? Because everything they both said and did was completely true and I think all of the women in the audience could relate to them. So many hilarious sketches acted out from the horrendous mums we meet at the school gates and the competitive nature of it all to teenage girls to what happens to us women when we go to the gym…especially those of us carrying a few extra pounds!

If you don’t like talking about sex, men, intimate waxing or getting up to have a good sing and a dance then this show isn’t for you. However, it was definitely for me. They were all great but my GOD how amazing is Julie Coombe. If this woman isn’t another Julie Walters then I don’t know who is. She is truly gifted and had me gasping for breath with her comedic timing, improvisation, movements, the lot. I’d go back again and again to watch them all, but I felt I really saw something special watching her.

I am not surprised that Hormonal Housewives is a smash hit – if you get the chance GO AND SEE IT! You can check all their tour dates and other information on the Hormonal Housewives website. They have a new show called “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” coming out in Spring 2020 and you can stay up to date with all the gossip on Facebook too.



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