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2nd October 2017
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4th October 2017
It’s getting to that time of year again when we’re starting to look for gifts and presents for that big special occasion…you know the one we won’t mention… the one that begins with C. It’s always hard to be original giving gifts and I worry that I always give the same thing over and over again so I’m always on the lookout for new things especially ones that will keep children entertained like my little one – I DO NOT want to be the aunt/mummy etc that gave the boring gift! I’m a huge fan of traditional gifts and when I do Alyssa’s stocking each year I always try and fill it with wooden toys or toys that could be handmade so that she’s not just getting a lot of plastic stuff each year. So, when Gifts Online 4 U got in touch and asked me if we’d like to review one of their children’s wooden toys, complete with personalisation how could we say no. We decided to go with the wooden tool bench…

The company Gifts Online 4 U got in touch with me and asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their toys, they’re a company that specialise in Personalised Presents and of course with Christmas coming up and birthdays all year round how could I refuse. I was immediately drawn to the wooden selection of toys and chose a little tool bench which we will be giving as a Christmas present to Alyssa’s  cousin Leo so hopefully he’s not sat here reading right now although if he has his greatly improved his reading skills as he’s only three years old.

Delivery was quick and efficient and it arrived in no time at all, well packaged and well protected to make sure that the tool bench arrived intact. I have to say that I was quite surprised by the size of the product – in the photos on the website it actually looks a lot bigger than it’s going to be but I suppose if you read the dimensions in the description you’ll know exactly how big it’s going to be. So yes I was slightly disappointed by the size but then you have to remember that it is a toddler’s toy, so the fact that it’s smaller actually is perfect for their age and it’s basically a table top tool bench meaning that it’s quite compact and it can fit in most places and won’t take up too much room unlike a lot of toys these days.

One of the best things that Gifts Online 4 U offers is an engraving service where you can have the words of your choice engraved on one of the wooden toys so obviously I chose to have “Leos tools” engraved on the bench to make it personal for him. The engraving was done really well and right on the front so that everybody will be able to see it.

The different parts of tool set are bright and colourful with red, blue, yellow and green different parts and there are screws with bits of wood and nuts to secure them underneath, lots of different tools including a set square and even a vice that goes on the front of the tool bench. It really is a lovely little set and the perfect little gift for Christmas.

I’m not sure if they are trying to be rustic with the appearance or whether there was a slight mistake made in the factory however there was wood glue or what I’m assuming is wood glue or paste on the edge of the toy which gave it a rough appearance and it was also rough to touch so I don’t know if a repair has been made or finishing had not been done correctly but this did kind of affect the overall appearance and look of the final product. I did think that perhaps as it was wooden, maybe the toys were handmade and given the price I would have thought this too. However when checking the box I can see that it is not handmade and is in fact made in China. This was a little disappointing I have to say but I’m sure if the company were contacted they would be able to help anyone who was not happy with this.

The price of the tool bench was £24.99 which when I thought it was slightly larger was okay. However, having seen the size of it and the quality I’m not sure it’s entirely worth the price. I think that you are mostly paying for the fact that it is a wooden toy and these are very much “the in thing” and in fashion at the moment. There are a lot of parts and aside from the small glue error on one of the shelves, it is actually made very well and in good condition and I can see it lasting for quite a while. So the price you are paying I believe is because it is wooden, which also means it is less likely to need replacing and also don’t forget there was the engraving too – if you’re after Personalised Wooden Toys then you’ll find plenty here.

There are some wonderful things on the Gifts Online 4 U and I will definitely be going back there again to have a look and see what other products I can find to give family and friends for Christmas.
*I was sent the tool bench in order to provide an honest review – all thoughts are my own

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