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20th March 2021
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22nd March 2021

Finding The Perfect Venue

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Although it may seem like it might, lockdown will not last forever and I don’t know about you but I am ready to Party! We have many significant events throughout the year from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and a good old fashioned knees up. I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to spending time with my friends and family with good food and drink. I have a feeling my home won’t be big enough when it finally comes time to reunite so I have been looking at finding the perfect venue.

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Finding The Perfect Venue

I think, judging by when lockdown will end, the first event I will inevitably need to be finding the perfect venue for is Alyssa’s birthday. She has missed out on a party with friends for the last two years and definitely deserves a huge fuss to be made. I think this should be relatively easy as we have a gorgeous village hall on our doorstep and I think this will be the perfect location.

We have some family members getting married this year and we have been discussing endless wedding venues in the hopes that more than a mere handful of people will be able to go. Do you go traditional church, stately home or outdoor… the choices are endless. I have always personally thought an old stately home would be wonderful in the past, but when talking to Mr Tutu more recently, I have definitely been leaning towards and old barn style wedding, very country and natural because as I discovered recently, I am a country girl at heart.

finding the perfect venue for a wedding - table and chairs and arch on beach at sunset

If we can squeeze it in, I actually think the first thing we will all do is simply have a giant family meal together, either a BBQ style or perhaps where we all just bring a dish and a bottle and sit down and talk the night away. The family is constantly expanding, so there is every chance we will be on the hunt for a venue for this too.

Is It Safe?

We’re all a little nervous about going out post lockdown, despite that being all we talk about. I did notice, when finding the perfect venue for different events coming up, that SquareMeal actually shows you the hygiene rating of the venues you look at, which is honestly super reassuring, especially when we’ve stayed apart from family to keep them safe for so long.

I noticed when searching on Squaremeal that they showed venues all over the country for different events, from restaurant dining to weddings and parties, so I found everything I wanted in one spot and was able to check that they’ll be keeping my family safe.

First on the agenda is definitely just a giant family reunion where the first thing we shall be doing, is giving each other constant hugs and probably a lot of tears too. Just a simply natural get together with good food, good wine and the perfect company. We have a lot of good cooks in the family so no doubt we’ll all clamber into the kitchen together and whip something up between us. Lockdown is due to finally end in June, so looks like there is a family BBQ in our future.

What’s the first kind of party you’re going to have, post lockdown?

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