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Colorland Review

*Ad – Gifted. All opinions are my own
I take so many photos. It is actually something I am really glad that my job requires of me because it has gotten me into taking so many more photos than I probably would have done. This means I have thousands upon thousands of them, especially of Alyssa and I always hate to think of them simply remaining in digital space and never being seen. I tend to take the time, once a month or so, to sit down and go through the latest photos and send some to be printed and then add them to photo albums that Alyssa and I are then able to sit down and look through. But some pictures are extra special and I’d like to see them all the time as it helps to remember the really good times. Colorland asked if I’d like to review their photo services by getting some of my favourite images put onto canvas.

woman with brown hair holding a camera

For those who don’t know,  Colorland is an online platform where you can buy all sorts of photo products and personalised items from Canvases to photo books to printed mugs and home decor. If you have a picture you’d like to do something with then this is the place to do it!

The website itself is really easy to use; simply choose the type of product you want, you will then enter their editor where you can load your pictures. Then it is a matter of simply using your mouse to drag and drop your images and choosing the size you want and if you want it wrapped around or a border etc.

It was really simple and something I really liked was that if you try to use an image that isn’t the best quality, it will warn you that when printed it may become distorted so you’re able to choose another picture which may be of higher quality or simply to go ahead and risk it.

I, of course had to get pictures of Alyssa as I had taken so many on our adventures in the summer and with everything that we got up to. They aren’t all for me and Mr Tutu as I think they also make a really lovely gift and so I chose a few that I knew the grandparents would enjoy as well.

Here are some of the ones I had printed…

I was really impressed with the overall quality and they came exactly as I had designed and well-packaged to avoid any damage during transit. I had gotten one image printed that it had warned me wasn’t the best quality but when it arrived it still looked really good, so  I was super pleased.

Overall, I would completely recommend Colorland for any photo purchases you may need and definitely think you should consider them for your own home as well as gifts for beloved friends and family. If you’d like to grab some of your own, why not use my exclusive discount code “TUTUCANVAS” meaning you can buy canvases the same as mine for only £13.99. To use the code, head over here.

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