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15th October 2018
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17th October 2018
I never thought I’d be one of those people who cared about cleaning. I wasn’t an overly messy child but I can remember countless times being sent off to clean my room because it was a mess. Ironically now as an adult, it’s still the only room that apart from tidy up day that I’ll randomly get the urge for, is the messiest in the house. I can handle a certain amount of mess but then something inside takes over and I have to tidy up or have a quick whip round to make it at least appear clean and tidy and with a pre-schooler that isn’t always easy – though she currently thinks that when I am tidying the hoover will eat her toys if she doesn’t pick them up… Don’t know where she got that idea from?! Her nursery clothes are also proving pretty tough to clean because I swear they do not put aprons on during messy play or art. So, when I was asked to review the products from Ace Clean UK I thought I’d give it a go…

So for those that don’t know, ACE was launched in the UK around 10 years ago, and it has developed a strong support from its users – some consider it the greatest secret in the laundry world. Honestly, I had heard of them and used them briefly when I got a free sample but that was it and didn’t even know they did cleaning sprays as well as stain removers.

OH MY GOODNESS, if you have a child, pet, husband, wife or anyone or thing that makes a lot of mess, my goodness do you ever need to use the ACE for Colours. Honestly, I never thought I’d get excited about a laundry product but I followed the instructions, not holding out much hope that if I hadn’t kneaded the stain remover into Alyssa’s clothes for an hour first, that it was actually going to work but holy moly. I took the washing out of the machine to check and put back in the to be washed pile and actually said out loud, “Holy Crap!” I am not kidding you… stains like tomato sauce, paint and a couple of toilet accidents we wont mention were all gone! Best kept secret in laundry… yeah, you’re right! This was perfect for the #AceforSchool challenge.

I also tried out the Ace for whites and you know those adverts you see where something like teeth or bed sheets are so white they ping? Yeah well I swear I heard Bear’s white shirts ping, again really good. Their stain removers are their signature products and I am not surprised they have such a loyal following!

I got to try out both the surface-spray and the power mousse and what struck me first was the smell. You know when you smell surface cleaners or bathroom cleaners and their is that very distinct smell of bleach or harsh chemicals? Yeah not with this. They smell like a field full of flowers or just a really nice fragrance! The multi-surface spray is good for cleaning and disinfecting, less so for anything really stubborn stuck to surfaces though fine with a bit of added elbow-grease. The mousse works really well on my bath, shower, sinks and toilets and leaves them looking really “pingy” and fresh!


Having only used them before because I had free samples, I can hand on heart say that as long as I have a messy member of the family, I am going to have a bottle of Ace Clean stain remover in my laundry room. It is just so good and will save me so much money!

If you’d like more information on Ace Clean UK you can visit their site. You can also pick up your own by heading to your local Tesco, Waitrose, Morrison or Sainsburys

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEforSchool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.

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