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14th December 2017
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18th December 2017
… How to get to Sesame Street?! Don’t tell me you didn’t just sing that because if you did, you would lying! I cannot be the only one who remembers Sesame Street as it was such a huge part of our childhood and is still a huge part of kids growing up today with spin-offs like The Furchester Hotel where some of our favourites now reside including the wonderfully cute, if slightly high-pitched Elmo. I love that it is still around and think it is good classic children’s entertainment without any fancy technology thrown in to jazz things up and kids love it. So, when I was asked if I’d like to review the Tickle Me Elmo cuddly toy I was more than happy to oblige as I knew I’d have two toddlers (Lily is the other in case you were wondering) who’d be super interested in this toy…

Normally, I would take some pictures of the product before hand and then let the rabble loose on it and watch them play with it and interact and see how they do. However, I was quite interested in this product being a Sesame Street fan myself and I also thought they wouldn’t be able to show and demonstrate the toy to it’s full ability. So, I decided to do a little demo vlog for you and product test the Tickle Me Elmo toy – let’s see how ticklish Elmo truly is!

As you can see from the video, the Tickle Me Elmo is a great toy and one I am sure both Lily and Alyssa are going to love. He is super sensitive so will start laughing with very little effort required on any child’s part – a simple hug will set him off. Such a simple and yet effective toy and one I am sure will set the whole family off in peels of laughter.

The Tickle Me Elmo toy is sold in most toy stores, though the best deal appears to be here at £29.97 which seems to be the average price of the toy in most stores if slightly under. I think it is good value for money and in keeping with the price of toys these days and with how interactive he is, I think this would make a great toy and friend for any little one.
*We were sent Tickle Me Elmo in exchange for a review – all opinions are our own.

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