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20th April 2018
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22nd April 2018
If you have any even remote knowledge of me and my personality you’ll know that at times I consider myself a bit of a tutu wearing fairy princess and where is the harm in that? Let’s just call it escapism into my wishful Disney inspired world. Of course my wings don’t work so I have to ride around on my very own unicorn. That’s right, at the grand old age of thirty something or other I like unicorns. In fact, I love them. I even have a bedroom that is Moroccan Unicorn inspired decoration – think a pastel rainbow palette with the patterns of Morocco and pictures of unicorns. So when asked if Alyssa would like to review Bullyland’s new Chubby Unicorn figurines, my answer was no… but I will!

Bullyland’s hand-painted figurines are known for their exquisite and realistic details. Bullyland is also the only manufacturer that uses synthetic rubber material for its figures, and does not use PVC in its manufacturing. With a wonderful collection of characters that will definitely spark your child’s imagination there is something for everyone from Bullyland!

Chubby Unicorn is literally the cutest unicorn arrive. Whether you think it’s a he or a she doesn’t matter as he (we’ll go with he) gets up to all sorts of mischief and trouble and each figurine depicts a new activity. We were lucky enough to be sent 4 – the Tutu Fairy Ballerina, Cowboy wearing a saddle, Birthday holding a cake and plate with a cookie on and Ready for Bed which is Chubby holding a teddy bear.

Obviously I had to let Alyssa play with them a little as she is the figurine collector in the house and she absolutely loves them. What I love is that they are really durable, have beautiful bright colours but use no PVC which I think is just awesome!

What I find amazing is that each one is hand painted which I can say only as to their quality. Not only are there loads of figures to collect (including one of Chubby on a set of scales – ignore the haters Chubby you are perfect as you are) there are also Chubby Unicorn accessories to collect like the cute key-ring we also received!

These amazing figurines from Bullyland are in fact on sale now and available for you to go out and grab – as well as all the other bits too. If you are a unicorn lover or know one then these are a definite must. Only problem I have is that I need to go and get another set as Alyssa and I are currently fighting over ownership!

Buy A Chubby Unicorn Now!

*We were sent the products in exchange for a review – all thoughts are our own


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