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16th May 2019
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20th May 2019
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One of the things I am truly grateful for is that my job allows me to take Alyssa and friends and family to lots of different places. We have been all over the UK and even hopped on a plane to Tenerife. It doesn’t matter whether its for a few hours, a day trip or a week, it’s always fun to go on new adventures. Marwell Zoo in Hampshire got in touch and asked us if we’d like to have a family day out at their amazing 140 acre park run by conservation charity Marwell Wildlife. We had visited before a year ago but this time Alyssa would be a little older and there was one other major difference… The Brickosaurs have arrived at Marwell! This Lego extravaganza which will showcase a collection of up to 50 prehistoric creatures built with more than two million bricks. Among them is a whopping eight metre T-Rex, the largest touring LEGO brick dinosaur ever made! Here’s what we got up to on our day trip…

Alyssa sat on the floor in front of a lego t-rex

Marwell Zoological Park is in Hampshire and luckily is only just over an hour away for us. We decided to make it super fun by taking along my best friend and her two little ones as we all get along so well and it would be a great way to kick off the Easter Holidays. That’s right, we decided to go on the first Monday of the holidays.

We did wonder if this would be the best idea and when we were sat for 20 minutes in the car queuing to get in we questioned ourselves. However, that little wait was totally worth it because once inside, you would never have really known it was so busy. First stop was to grab our Brickosaur maps so we could track them across the zoo.

Alyssa and her friends with their brickosaur maps

“Track down all the dinosaurs with the free BRICKOSAURS Spotter’s Guide, create your own LEGO masterpiece at BRICKOSAURS Basecamp and don’t miss the perfect photo opportunity inside the 3D Meglosaurus! “

Now, if you’re not that interested in Lego, don’t panic because you can just go around the park as normal as the Brickosaurs are not in place of anything else in the park. We have a couple of dinosaur fans, so we knew we needed to get round and see as many as we could. We started off on foot and headed up towards the Giraffe enclosure as for two little girls this was the animal of choice that they wanted to see!

We did of course see them and a lot of other animals on the way but the giraffes had us all oohing and ahhing and then this was followed by a couple of giggles when one of the giraffes stopped in front of us to do a poop – this was also the first thing told to anyone asking us about our day later on… kids!

giraffes stood feeding from hay bins above them

We made it all the way round to the Meerkats and the tigers but before we took a look, we stopped and had a picnic on the grass. TOP TIP: There is lots of picnic seating both indoors and out BUT if it’s busy like it was when we visited, do take a blanket or waterproof jackets to sit on in case the grass is damp as tables and seats go fast!

Alyssa stood looking at her friends poking their faces through a meerkat cut out

an orange and black tiger walking along a path

From here the little legs needed a break, so we hopped on the free land train which is carriages pulled by a tractor that comes around every half an hour. We actually rode this all the way back to the start to give the kids a break (and us!!) and it allowed us to look at some of the other animals too. Don’t worry if you have a pushchair or wheelchair with you, there is disabled access and a trailer on the back to carry items like pushchairs!

After a quick loo break, we walked back on ourselves, hunting for dinosaurs, looking at animal enclosures we hadn’t gotten close to on the land train and heading for the ice-cream kiosk. We got very lucky and spotted the snow leopards which were amazing – never knew their tails were so long and fluffy! Then of course we stopped for a delicious ice-cream and watched the Rhinos and Ostrich in the field opposite.

A pair of rhinos

The two girls looking through the trees at a brickosaur

Of course then we headed up to the main Marwell House which had the most amazing and impressive Brickosaur of all… the Tyrannosaurus Rex! This model is absolutely huge and epic on every level and one of the ones you can get the closest to!

Marwell house

Alyssa's friend stood in front of the T-Rex scared

We of course saw the Brickosaurs tent which is near the Tropical House where you could get your face painted, play with Lego and do all sorts of activities too which were amazing. We finished up the day by getting the free land train back to the start and hopping on the steam train for one final hurrah! The steam train costs £2.50 per person and 2’s and under are free! It’s great because it takes you all the way around the park and back to the start where we were able to drag the tired and slightly grubby kiddos back to the car, tired and happy.

Alyssa and her friends sat under a tree

It was an absolutely amazing day out and the Brickosaurs were just mind-blowing! Track down all the dinosaurs with the free BRICKOSAURS Spotter’s Guide, create your own LEGO masterpiece at BRICKOSAURS Basecamp and don’t miss the perfect photo opportunity inside the 3D Meglosaurus! BRICKOSAURS runs from Friday 5 April until Sunday 1 September 2019! Thanks for the memories Marwell!

To book your tickets for Marwell visit their website!




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  3. Laurie says:

    Looks like an amazing time was had by all. How wonderful!

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    Wow the brickosaurs look absolutely amazing! I love your daughter’s face from the dinosaur roaring at her! #ABloggingGoodTime

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    wow this looks so much fun for all X