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I was always a dancer. I can remember singing and dancing from a young age. It is something that did and still does bring me great joy. When I had a little girl I instantly had visions of her floating around in a little tutu and promised myself that  I would never force my likes onto her. In fact I probably kept her as much away from them as I could but by the age of 2 it was pretty clear that singing and dancing were part of her soul. If you watch her when she is dancing, her eyes change and something takes over her and she just twirls into her own little world and it is magical to watch.  She does attend both tap and ballet classes and so when I was asked if we’d like to review the Ballerina Dreamer, dancing ballerina doll, I knew that this would be the most amazing gift for Alyssa this coming Christmas.

The Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina really does dance like a real ballerina. Complete with a magical tiara; the ballerina is able to spin, pirouette and kick both forwards and backwards. Easy to push down on, the tiara was great for little hands to operate. She can shuffle along and even perform the spits.

Straight out of the box, this ballerina is gorgeous to look at, and resembles a lot of dolls which are available for children. She’s quite weighty, but not too heavy for little ones to carry and manoeuvre themselves. She is easy to remove with just two plastic tags keeping her in place which you will need to snip and two thin, clothes like, plastic tags in her tutu holding her skirt in place as well.

She comes with a velcro close pink and rainbow tutu as well as little purple ballet shoes to match the crown on top of her head. Her hair is initially in a little clear plastic band in a pony-tail which can be removed so her hair is down or you can manipulate it into a bun, but you don’t get anything to do this with. She comes with a shimmering tutu outfit that, when you press her tummy lights up and sparkles when you turn the switch on which is located in the back under her tutu and also plays music as well.

I noted that if you place her on the ground when switched on she doesn’t seem to still be able to kick as well but when you lift her then her leg swings back and forward as it should. I also think her hair isn’t the best quality I have seen on a doll and does tend to fall out quite easily – she is not going to go bald but this isn’t a doll to be doing a lot of makeovers on.

Pressing down on the crown makes her spin and is very each to do. I think the biggest appeal is going to be that she is absolutely beautiful and has almost glass-like eyes which sparkle almost as much as her light up tutu skirt.

This is definitely one for Christmas if you have a little one who loves anything pretty, that lights up and plays music or just loves to dance. Ballerina Dreamer is available from Smyths Toys and has an RRP of £39.99 which considering all she does I think is a fair price to pay.

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