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Baby Born in the City with A Scooter

*Ad – Gifted. All opinions are my own.
I can remember the Christmas that I got my very first Baby Born. They had only come out that year and I was so excited that I got to have one as my main gift. She could be fed with food you mixed up from a sachet and she could drink and then you sat her on the potty and she did wees and poos and I thought she was just amazing. Fast forward more years than I care to count and now Alyssa is playing with Baby Born Soft Doll and enjoying letting her imagination run wild and it’s lovely to watch. We were asked to review some of the amazing new accessories for Baby Born – City Remote Control Scooter and Helmet and the Baby Born City Outfit.

Baby Born is such a well-known brand from Zapf creations and it’s amazing to see it still going in all it’s glory so many years after it began. It’s rolling with the times, literally, by bringing out cooler and even more high-tech accessories for Baby Born and their owners to enjoy.

We received the amazing City Remote Control Scooter and Helmet which I honestly think is one of the best things I have ever seen…and it’s in pink! I may have a bit of scooter envy. BABY born can travel in all directions with the multi-directional controller. BABY born can sit comfortably on the Scooter seat and has easy grip handlebars to hold on to. When BABY born wants to turn, flashing indicator lights tell which way she is going. The City Scooter also features a stabiliser to keep the Scooter upright. Also includes two sticker sheets to decorate BABY born’s scooter and really stand out from the crowd.

It is recommended for ages 3+, requires 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries and has an RRP of £29.99. I actually think this is amazing value for a really cool Baby Born spin off accessory. There is a remote control so you can drive Baby Born around which is super easy to use and there is a helmet too which I loved because it is really promoting child safety too. This got a definite thumbs up from me and would be a great Christmas or Birthday gift for any Baby Born Fans.

We were also sent the Baby Born City Outfit which comes on it’s own little hanger.  City outfit contains feisty two-in-one trousers, frayed mock-denim shorts and pink leggings. And that’s just the beginning, as baby born’s city outfit includes a shirt with a unique Print and transparent hem, spellbinding sparkling jacket and Berta the duck pendant. This has an RRP of £14.99 which when you consider the price of other brands dress up clothes for dolls and bears is bang on. I personally don’t like this outfit purely because I think it looks too old for the baby. I get we need to move with the times but I think children are growing up too fast as it is, so  I would not personally choose to get Alyssa this outfit for her Baby Born doll and would rather opt for the more little girl styles that are available.

Did you have a Baby Born when you were little? Does your child have one now?

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