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25th October 2018
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The Dreaded Christmas Party is Just around the Corner

We are almost at the end of 2018, which can mean only one thing – Christmas is just around the corner. The fun, the festivities…the Christmas parties…

If you are not a fan then you are certainly not alone, with many a man and woman wishing they had a valid excuse to give the annual tradition a miss. Whether it is your work’s Christmas party or, worse yet, your other half’s that you have been invited to as their plus one, if you remember to do just three things then you will come away unscathed.

They are:

  1. Dress for the occasion
  2. Socialise (but don’t force a conversation)
  3. Do not drink too much

Dress for the Occasion

This is always the biggest cause for concern prior to any party, especially if the dress code is ‘smart-casual’. What exactly is ‘smart-casual’? My smart could be different from you smart while my casual is walking around the house is pyjamas – I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I would get some disconcerting looks if I rocked up in trousers and slippers.

Of course, there are those so-called ‘safe’ options that men and women can call upon in such ‘smart-casual’ emergencies. Men can always wear a smart shirt finished off with a pair of stylish cufflinks and trousers – the simple ‘this will work anywhere’ look. For the ladies, a comfortable dress – not quite formal enough for a special occasion, but not something you would wear on a daily basis.

Just remember to keep it classy, especially if it is a work’s party. Either you or your partner will have to see these people again on Monday.


Yes, talking to people that you don’t know comes more naturally to some than it does others, but that’s okay. At most Christmas parties, you will be seated at a table of a number of other guests who will likely be in the same boat as you. Try to make small talk, ask what they do and make use of any icebreakers.

If talking isn’t your strong point then that is okay, because if it’s a party then no doubt there will be a DJ and a dancefloor. Once dinner is finished the masses then gather over to the dancefloor, where you can let your hair down and dance alongside everyone. There isn’t much talking going on here and, even if you aren’t the best dancer, no one is judging. We’re all there just to have a bit of fun and a laugh.

The parties that you are attending as a plus one are always the hardest, because chances are you know no one else other than your partner. Beforehand, ask that they introduce you to people that they think you will get along with and have something in common. With someone else opening the conversation, the level of awkwardness isn’t as high as it might be.

Do Not Drink Too Much

Touching back on our previous point of keeping it classy, do not drink more than you can handle. Yes, you are there to have a good time, but no one wants to be that person who drinks a glass or two too many, and no one wants to be stuck next to the person that does.

By all means enjoy a tipple, but know when to stop. This isn’t a normal night out where you might go out with the intentions of getting a little merry. Would you want your or your partner’s employer to see you worse for wear?

Follow these three easy steps, and you will make it safely through the annual Christmas tradition.

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