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Ricky Zoom Toy Review: Time for Family Fun

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If you haven’t seen Ricky Zoom before the where have you been?! He is a bright red fun and very daring motorbike! Ricky Zoom loves adventure and finding new and exciting things to do as well as being amazing at problem solving. He is the perfect character for boys and girls everywhere. Ricky Zoom is a little red rescue bike who loves to go fast! A loyal friend and natural leader, Ricky is the confident head of the Bike Buddies who love to race around the sports race and try new stunts at the Adventure Park. Ricky and friends are sure to be a big hit this Christmas and we’ve been lucky enough to be sent some of the amazing Ricky Zoom toys to try out!

Ricky zoom


RC Turbo Trick Ricky

This remote controlled Ricky was Alyssa’s favourite item from the collection. Alyssa has never had any RC vehicles and this one is good fun and very simple to use for younger users or total beginners! Get your Zoom on with Remote Control Turbo Trick Ricky! Kids can create realistic action when they take their favourite remote control rescue bike on their next adventure. The easy-to-use controller features a simple design that packs plenty of punch. Watch as Ricky performs daring tricks with the press of a button on the remote control. He does real wheelies and 360 degree stunt spins! It’s always fun to race around with Ricky; his tyres work on carpets as well as bare floors. Let’s zoom out! This toy is available from The Entertainer with an RRP of £29.99. Well worth the money… just make sure you unbox or unlock the bike before hand as we found it a little tricky.

ricky zoom

Vehicle & Action Accessory Assortment / Core Racers Assortment

The final two items in the collection we were sent for review are the perfect stocking filler for every little Ricky Zoom fan. The range includes all of the Biker Buddies, complete with their own range of accessories and perfectly completes the Ricky Zoom set. Your Ricky fan can act out various scenes from their favourite show or come up with their own adventures with these Biker Buddies.

Zoom into adventure with your favourite Bike Buddy from Ricky Zoom! These motorcycle toys are ready to rev up imaginative play. With their expertly designed tyres, they can stand steady when stopped. Articulated front wheels allow them to steer which ever way you point them. Every bike comes with a special accessory to help them on their adventures. You can even swap the accessories between characters for extra fun and more imaginative adventures!

Rev up for even more fun with the Vehicle & Action Accessory Assortment comes with an awesome action accessory featuring even more ways to take the zoomtastic fun to the next level.

The thing we loved most about Ricky Zoom and all his toys was the message of family and friends. The toys encourage us all to get involved and have a giggle and the whole thing just feels really wholesome. All well worth the money and deserving of being under the tree this year. Get on it Santa!

As we head towards Christmas as well as spending time with our loved ones it is also a chance to think of people less fortunate than ourselves.  This is why Ricky Zoom is supporting leading children’s charity Barnardos this Christmas with its Barnardo’s Kidsmas Toddle with Ricky Zoom. There is nothing more incredible than children helping to support other children who need their help. Visit https://www.barnardos.org.uk/bigtoddle  for more details on this Zoomtastic fun event.

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