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1st November 2018
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4th November 2018
We’re a board game kind of family. Not all year round but when it comes to birthdays, special occasions like Christmas and when we go on mass family holidays, the board games come out and the competition begin. Now, when my sister and I were little, we used to visit our dad each weekend and play endless board games. We would really have to work at it because he was not the kind of person to let us win and we could of sworn he used to cheat… but anyway. This made us quite ruthless and also quite good at certain games, particularly Monopoly which means that nowadays people won’t play it with us because we always win so assume we cheat – it’s called knowing the tactics people!! Anyway, we like to add games to our collection so when I was asked to review the new iknow game, I was happy to add it to our collection…

In the trivia game iKNOW, you get to test what other players know while trying to score for yourself. The game includes 1,600 questions in four categories, and each question comes with three hints at three levels of difficulty that reveal the answer piece by piece. Do you think you’ll know the answer first – or should you let other players give the question a try?

iKNOW also includes a betting element that gives you a chance to win no matter how much – or how little – you know as long as you know who does or doesn’t know. Do you think that your friend knows his sports forwards and backwards? Do you know that geography is your spouse’s worst stumbling block? Place your bets for or against your friends, and collect the winnings.

The aim of the game is to accumulate chips by answering questions correctly and also by making correct guesses about how everyone else will do. This extra dynamic means that you don’t have to be a trivia buff to win the game.

The game is beautifully designed and has a real distinct, sleek style. The carefully designed game board and impressive game pieces will stand out in any environment.

Overall we loved the game – it was a perfect gift for my rather competitive board game family because it just simply didn’t matter how much you knew, meaning it was an even playing field and at one point we all got our butts kicked by the 12 year old… he was mightily happy with himself. I’d say this was a must have for any family board game collection and will be great at Christmas and family occasions.

You can buy iKnow here.

*The board game was gifted in exchange for review – opinions are our own.

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