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How To Take Care Of Engineered Oak Flooring

*This is a collaborative post.

Engineered wood has been around the market for a long time. It is a better version of real wood flooring because of its added strength, durability and resistance to other things like water, heat, etc. Engineered oak wood floors are also a popular choice of floors which people go for. With that being said, knowing how to properly clean oak wood floors is also very crucial. So, here are some easy ways by which you can clean your oak wood floors.

1. How To Take Care Of Scratches?

No matter how strong of a material you have installed on your floors, scratches are inevitable. Even with engineered oak wood floors. With engineered oak flooring, you don’t have to worry too much about scratches since they are very superficial. All you need to do to smooth out the scratch is to use a sandpaper and buff off the area of the scratch. Once you feel like the scratch is filled, you can use wood fillers to fill in the remaining space to seal the deal. This will make the scratches go away and the filler will tint your sanded surface too. 

2. Heat And Humidity

Wooden floors are very sensitive to heat and humidity, this is the case with engineered oak wood floors too. Once you have engineered oak floors installed, you need to have a certain temperature fixed in that room, to make sure that your floors don’t start to develop moulds and fungus. You need to keep in mind that wood is a living material and it needs a specific environment to thrive and not die in, so having the right temperature and humidity set is very important. 

3. Using Wood Safe Cleaners

The best way to keep your wooden floors clean and lasting long is to use wood appropriate cleaners. Wood doesn’t sit well with acidic and chemical based cleaners. The cleaners used on wood should be gentle, pH balanced and chemical free. This will allow the wood to have a longer life and the appearance of wood will also shine through, even after years have passed. So, doing your die research on wood appropriate cleaners is very important. 

4. Maintaining Engineered Oak Floors

Wooden floors are not very high maintenance. They only need some sort of annual maintenance and it doesn’t take up too much time at all. Polishing and waxing the wooden floors are probably the two most crucial parts of maintaining the shine, strength and quality of the wooden floors. The polishing process takes about a day to be completed and you can hire someone to do the work for you, which will make things a lot easier. These things are pretty much all there is to taking care and maintaining engineered oak wood floors.

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