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#ABloggingGooodTime Week 20
12th October 2016
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Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 10
13th October 2016

Halloween is Magic: Come Share With Me…

So I walked into the supermarket the other day and was making my way around and noticed that a lot of products had been moved and thought “ah okay, they must be getting their Autumn seasonal aisle ready” and decided to keep a look out. Can you imagine my surprise when I got to the seasonal aisle in said supermarket (I’d like to point out this WASN’T Asda!!) and it wasn’t Autumn but CHRISTMAS stuff I found?! There were shelves of stocking fillers and sweet and biscuit boxes and I just stood there thinking… it’s September and we have a whole other holiday to go yet. Yup, that’s right, we have Halloween yet…

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Whether you are a blogger, accountant, stay at home mum/dad or a proud grandparent, we all get a little bit trigger happy when it comes to snapping pics of our gorgeous little ones… as my Instagram followers can attest to I’m sure! That’s the thing isn’t it… I mean why take photos if you aren’t going to share them? Obviously some are just for you and your famillittle girls arm holding a tiny glass pumpkin lantern with lights in the backgroundy to share, but I love sharing pics of my beautiful bubba and her antics with all our family and friends on social media too and Halloween this year is going to be no different. She joined in last year and she was only 3 months old…

I count us very fortunate that we live in a gorgeous little village in the heart of Dorset and this village like to get very involved with dances and parties to celebrate anything and everything. Not only do they have a Halloween Ball in the village hall for the grown-ups, but almost every house in the village decorates for Halloween and offers some sort of treat for anybody who dares know – some people really go to town and have the most amazing set-ups. That’s the thing though, if you’re out and about trick or treating, or at a party, how are you going to share all the excitement without using up all your data allowance for the whole month in 1 night?!

carved and lit pumpkin


Well, when I went shopping this week I was staring mindlessly around when I was waiting for the conveyor belt to move so I could cram on some more non-essential items and noticed that Asda Mobile have got a great treat this Halloween! Asda Mobile are offering you the chance to grab yourself a FREE Asda Mobile Sim Card, but that’s not the best bit! Grab it before the 28th October and for 7 days until the 6th November you will have a whole 1GB of data to use!! How awesome is that?! Let me give you the details…

It’s as easy as that and it will even cover bonfire night too!

I know what you’re thinking though, why would Asda Mobile do this?! Well, it’s because they want to share Halloween with you too and make sure that you feel no fear when you go to share your amazing Halloween antics!

a line of carved pumpkins with different faces all lit

In fact, Asda Mobile really want to see what you get up to this Halloween, so they’re asking you to add their Halloween hashtag, #FightThePhoneFear and show us what spooky goings on are happening near you and that you have beaten your phone fear!!
Oh and one other thing… I’ll be back next month and the best Halloween Pics will be featured here on Mummy in a Tutu!! So get snapping and remember… #FightThePhoneFear

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