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17th August 2018
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19th August 2018
When it came down to Alyssa’s birthday she made it fairly easy about what to get her for her main present as she very specifically stated what she wanted so that was perfect. However, I then had to think about what to get her as little gifts to go along side her main present. She has a lot of different tastes and has never really liked just one thing other than her figurines, so it’s safe to say that no matter what I got her it would probably go down well and they all did. She opened her main gift and didn’t open anything else for a good hour which made me so happy as it clearly wasn’t all about the gifts. However, when she realised they were there she definitely got down to it so I thought I’d give you guys a little round up of a few of the bits she got and some ideas on what to get your 3 year old!

Paw Patrol

Yes I know it’s so commercialised but she is totally in love with Paw Patrol and all the characters and missions and so of course, we couldn’t not get her the Paw Patrol Figurines and I think it made her year getting them. She has not stopped playing with them and they have been off on adventures with all her other figurines and at one point had to be put out of the way as they kept making it into her bed where she would play with them instead of going to sleep. We grabbed ours from Argos but there are some available in B&M Stores too.

Find Me a Gift

This was a great little online store that I found that has loads of different bits and pieces for different ages and different occasions. Alyssa has needed a night light for a while as I am slowly losing the will to live with the amount of batteries that we go through. So when I spotted the Tinkerbell Glitter Lamp I just had to have it… for her obviously! Its a gorgeous gold lamp that glitter floats around inside of – like a lava lamp and has a stamped detail of Tinkerbell on it and magical words at the bottom of it. When Alyssa saw it turned on she thought it was the most amazing thing ever and there were a lot of oos and aahs.

I also grabbed the  Talking Unicorn Plushie – I so just saw Unicorn and thought it would simply say a couple of key phrases. However, when we got it I soon realised it was one of those fun toys that records and repeats back what you say. This has resulted in a lot of fun and a lot of squeals from Alyssa and Lily who have spent a lot of time playing with it.

My First Photobook

You know those really cool kids books that are like really thick cardboard? The ones that have soft edges but are thicker so it makes them easier to pick up and turn for smaller children? Now imagine one of those but one you can totally personalise and that is My First Photobook. I take so many pictures of Alyssa and her with various members of her family and friends but she very rarely sees them. So I thought I’d do a book of Alyssa growing up – I included pictures of her at various ages and pictures of her with Nonna, Bear, Me, Lily and two  of her little friends from various times in the last 3 years.

When she saw it, she was so excited – I customised it to her favourite colours and was able to include words on some of the pages too. Alyssa loves this little book and likes looking through and naming everyone she sees. I’d love to do one of these for each birthday going forward as a way of remembering the year gone passed.


Last but by no means least had to be something for outside. Alyssa would live in the garden if she could and we love nothing better than heading off on walks or what she calls adventures where we just amble about with no real finish line. Sometimes this will be in the woods and sometimes it will be on a path and when it is she does like to take a mode of transport with her.

She has had a little scooter for quite some time that has grown with her but she was way too big for it and so when Skates asked if she’d like a new one, we couldn’t really say no. I chose this white one because I thought that way she can customise with some stickers of her own. The big draw for this was that it has easy steering as well as a brake I can teach her how to use on the back wheel. However, all this disappeared and was insignificant once she realised that the wheels had flashing, multi-coloured LED lights in them that work when you spin them – because of course, what else could you want?!

There you have it folks – if you’re looking for some good ideas on what to give a 3 year old for their birthday then hopefully this has helped. If you have any other ideas then do let me know… cos hey, there’s still Christmas yet!
*This is a collaborative post.

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