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#ACEIT Challenge on your Whites

#ACEIT Challenge

This post is an entry for the #ACEit Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites, treat stains and laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!

Alyssa and I stepped out of the front door last week, ready for the school run and I stopped in my tracks as I could see the breath in front of me and glanced at the car and gave an eye roll as I realised I was going to have to defrost the car…and quick to make it to school on time. Winter is officially incoming, along with the Coca-Cola trucks, copious amounts of decorations and of course our winter wardrobes. It seems like an absolute age since I pulled on my woollen scarves and hid beneath them and my super cosy jumpers. Plus, I adore Alyssa’s winter wardrobe of skirts, jumpers and woollen tights with some cute little boots I have already nabbed from the amazing clothes available this season. However, everything always looks a bit drab when it comes out of the back drawers and off the top shelves, so we’ve taken the #ACEIT challenge to help bring our whites back to white!
#ACEIT white socks

Now, whilst madam gets a few new bits every year just because of growth, thanks to using some decent brands like NEXT she does tend to make clothes last. She has a few new items but mostly ones from last year and as for me, well I have clothes that are possibly older than she is #aceit ultra whiteand whilst they are still fine to wear and comfortable, they are looking a little drab in places and the whites are looking, well, not so white.

Whilst she is primarily wearing grey and blue to school now that socks are no longer required, her vests and pants are primarily white and let’s face it, if she’s getting changed for PE and Sports, I don’t want her to look like she’s been rolling around in the fireplace! Even more so with kids clothes than adult ones (primarily because I seem to care less about mine) I find it so hard to keep whites white and now that I am getting older, I also find myself hoping and preying that my bed sheets come out whiter than white too – who even am I?!

#aceit ultra whiteAce makes life easy by not only removing the never-ending stains my little one seems to create both at home and at school but also helps keeps garments bright, robust and cleaning which means clothes last for longer. They have lots of different products for around the home but to help get those whites pinging with brightness they have Ace Ultra White which I’ve been testing for the #ACEIT challenge!

Ace Ultra White promises:

  • It’s specifically formulated to help brighten dull whites 
  • It’s gentle on delicate clothes 
  • It tackles germs and odours, including viruses. That means not only do your clothes smell cleaner, they actually are cleaner – something even more important in the current climate. 
  • It’s concentrated, making it among the most affordable ways to keep white clothes looking bright! 
  • It’s available in Morrison’s.
  • NOTE: ACE Ultra includes bleach.

That is a lot of promise for a washing powder but I was willing to test it out. I tried it on some of her under garments which somehow also had a spaghetti stain on it (??!) and a new white blouse of mine which I love but had managed to get lipstick on! No exaggeration, I pulled them out and it was as if they’d come out of the machine, new and fresh from the shop before being destroyed by children and turning grey! Amazing!

Having only used them before because I had free samples, I can hand on heart say that as long as I have a messy member of the family, I am going to have a bottle of #ACEIT Ace Ultra  White in my laundry room. It is just so good and will save me so much money as I won’t be having to constantly buy new vests, socks, pants and won’t be afraid of wearing my white blouse!

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