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4th December 2017
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6th December 2017

You’re Not Being Honest You’re Insulting!

I don’t get angry often – I don’t see the point. Yes I get frustrated and raise my voice but I wouldn’t call this angry, merely ticked off. I save my pure, shaking, rage anger up for things that matter and then of course I jump on here, write them all down in a ranty and sometimes long-winded blog post and let it all out and whether someone listens, reads or responds or not it doesn’t matter because it has felt good to get it out of my system. Well, just to warn you people this is another one of THOSE posts. I have spent a lot of time during blogging, enjoying the creation of a supportive and friendly community around me. It is now bloggers that I class as some of my closest friends and they have got me through some tough times and helped me celebrate some great times. I’d say I love about 90% of the blogging world. Then you come across a blog post that literally makes you want to jump through your screen and revert back to cave-man instincts when it comes to dealing with the writer and yesterday I came across that post….

shot from above, a womans legs on a grey bed, wearing dark leggings, bare feet, with a silver laptop and one of her hands on the mouse pad

I have to say that I am actually shaking with anger whilst writing this and you’ll have to forgive me because I literally am just word-vomming onto the page right now – I may need to adjust this post at a later date! Anyway, there I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook and minding my own business when a fellow bloggers page popped up inwoman's hand holding a blank screened phone with painted nails front of my eyes with their latest blog post. It was a mega click-bait title with a click bait tag line too and I caved and thought I’d click through and read the post which I hate myself for but anyway that’s a bloggers job isn’t it?! To make post titles we cannot resist.

Boy do I wish I hadn’t. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with other people’s opinions – I may not agree with them but I would never, ever think to disregard someone or put someone down based on their opinion. However, this is not what this was. This blog post was basically words and words and words building themselves up and insulting and putting other bloggers down. I don’t name and shame so I have to be very careful with what details I share when writing this but I just couldn’t believe it.woman with her head in her hands crying

Unfortunately, I know this blogger well and the hypocrisy of the post was just laughable – they are there on this post claiming they will not be doing certain things anymore or haven’t done because they are thinking of their readers and that whilst other bloggers can if they want to, they won’t be stooping as low as that. This blogger does actually add a few complimentary comments about bloggers and influencers and what they do but then back hands an insult in straight after. I’m not going to do the same and compliment them and back-handedly insult them but I think that they need to remember it wasn’t long ago they were asking blogging friends including myself to help share and promote their sponsored posts that had no sponsored content disclosure on it “because the brand wants a natural look. shhhhhh!” – so I guess they are right when they say it is a bloggers own choice what they choose to do on their blog.

The thing I cannot abide? The thing that has really really got me seething? Its the belittling of bloggers and what we woman pulling her hair outdo. For goodness sake woman, you call yourself a blogger so you know the crap we have to go through defending ourselves to PRs, Brands, HMRC, The World in general and even our friends and family members some of whom think we sit on our arses all day playing on social media and get sent free-stuff. I have no problem again with people writing blog posts, books, newspaper articles, full blown film manuscripts or whatever to try and build themselves up and build their own self-esteem but DO NOT for the love of God do it at the expense of others.

I spoke to a few of my close blogging friends about this post to check I wasn’t over-reacting and was relieved to find it wasn’t only me that found it insulting. I know us bloggers will do a lot for a viral post or page views but I am absolutely mortified that it’s come once again to insulting other bloggers to get them. What is worse is to find someone in my own blogging circle who would do this.

woman laptop work blog coffee computer phone

I’ve had my rant and said my piece – this person is a good blogger, maybe not as good as they want to be at the moment, but like the rest of us they just need to keep slogging away and working hard to get there. They will get there. We all get there if we want it enough and find just a little bit of luck. For goodness sake people – if you’re a blogger then help, nurture, support and love other bloggers. DON’T step on them and you’re own granny just to get ahead of the game because if you do make it to the top, it’s going to be bloody lonely up there!


  1. Just keep being brilliant hun and ignore the shit! It’s not worth it.

  2. tweetyp says:

    No offence but if it makes you that angry and you have taken it that personally then maybe you should take heed!
    Maybe this person has am ounce of decency in them and thinks thay maybe there is naive people out there they could be unwittingly persuading to buy something they don’t actually need/want!

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Thanks for your comment. Firstly, I didn’t name anyone and so I’m assuming that you either read both blogs or have been informed who the blogger was I am referencing. As I said in the post what makes me angry isn’t what the blogger is doing, it is the fact that they are shaming other bloggers for what they are doing. Despite what you have implied I do actually have an ounce of decency and would never endorse something I didn’t like, I thought was terrible or thought people wouldn’t like. I also do give honest reviews and don’t hide any problems I’ve had. I also write personal posts and don’t do all reviews or sponsored content. As both myself and the other blogger have said, everyone is entitled to their opinion and thank you for yours.

    • Take heed for what? Sadly the anger purely comes from the fact that lots of fellow bloggers know that the post was written by someone who has written a sponsored post and not declared it. No point in trying to pretend you are something you are not.

      • tweetyp says:

        If you understood what “take heed” means then you wouldn’t be asking that question would you?
        The other person is not shying from the fact they have done those types of posts in the past just that they wont be doing them in the future, due to the fact that it doesn’t sit well with her anymore. The good guy on her shoulder has spoke up and she has listened. Why does that make her a bad person exactly?? Why does someones opinion on how they want to run their blog bother you so much? The fact she has been truthful about things show she has integrity which is clearly more than the rest of you have!

  3. tweetyp says:

    I have read both posts and if I am being honest your post is the one that is doing the shaming!! You are picking on one person for their opinion. She is not shaming anyone other than those who take it personally because they see fault in what they are doing. Ask yourself this – is selling something that you don’t 100% totally believe in morally correct? You have a moral obligation and well as a compliance obligation to make sure what you “bloggers” are doing is correct. I don’t believe you are all being morally correct. Would you honestly, hand on heart, put even half the ads out that you do if you weren’t being paid. I am self employed like bloggers and I have a business that is highly regulated, I am just glad that at least one of you has the moral sense to take a step back and put people before profit!!

    • Clearly you are missing the point of where the anger came from!

      • tweetyp says:

        The anger came because there was truth in what the other blogger was saying and it hit a nerve!!

        Many people spend their lives thinking that reality doesn’t apply to them – that things are different simply because they wish it.

        When they’re told that they’re wrong, they don’t ask “why?”

        They get offended. And insecure. And rebel against the very nature of reality.

        They get frustrated by the fact that you’ve called their bluff.

        Think this is where the anger came from!!!

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Thanks for your comments – when next questioning my morals I’ll bare your concern in mind.

  4. Jane Lockyear says:

    I’ve always found your posts including reviews to be down to earth and honest.

  5. Cookie says:

    Seriously some of the nasty comments on here are making me feel uneasy. You can’t question the morals of someone you don’t know. Katie was simply stating her feelings on a blog post – which she kept anonymous- that irritated her for her own reasons. You don’t know the history, if any, that she has with the blogger the post was written by, or how privy Katie was to any of the decisions to sell that this blogger had previously made.

  6. I don’t know what to say, really. You know my stance on this. I just want to say that you’re fab and to keep doing what you’re doing. There’s a reason many bloggers look up to you. Don’t let the trolls get you down.

  7. Oh dear Katie it seems you have opened up a can of worms. I am not on Facebook and have not seen this post but like you I am adverse to fellow blogger bashing. #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Clara says:

    I have to agree that it stinks of hypocrisy. I also take offence to the fact that she tars other bloggers by her own low standards. Actually some of us wouldn’t dream of recommending a crap product. Some of us wouldn’t dream of not giving full disclosure. By bad mouthing ‘other’ bloggers she’s actually outed herself as having zero integrity. She’s not who I thought she was which is a great shame.

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Ah I see you have read and know the post I am referring to. Yes it is a shame and I have to say the reactions and results from this person after me posting this post have been rather shocking themselves too

  9. Just reading through the comments, I’m guessing this is about a review post. I once had a reader say I was fake because I reviewed something that was expensive and they said I was just saying it was good so I get more free stuff. But I always do honest reviews and also do share my negative reviews too.

  10. I have not read the original post but I know that lots of bloggers work extremely hard to get where they are. I wish people could just be nice to eachother. Su #ablogginggoodtime

  11. there will always be people who don’t understand what we do and those that think they are above it all. Some of my best posts have been written in anger over something I came across on FB. Don’t know the post you are referencing, but I’ll keep an eye out! #blogginggoodtime

  12. I always teach my kids, Be the better person. Let this one go if you can, and I know I have developed, through evolution, thicker skin! M’wah! Sending a hug your way! #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  13. Sending you a big hug – I have no idea what has been going on but some of the nastiness is evident even in some of the comments above (though lots of lovely supportive ones too) and nobody deserves this. This post doesn’t name anyone and is an opinion piece about the blogging world which you are totally entitled to have. You keep up your awesome work honey. xxx #ablogginggoodtime xx

  14. I started reading the comments and was completely shocked, you certainly do not deserve nasty comments like that especially when you didn’t even mention who you were talking about! Hugs xoxo

  15. Helena says:

    I think it is sad that not everyone is encouraging and supportive #ablogginggoodtime

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