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18th December 2016
#LionessMama Round-Up – Week 9!
19th December 2016


No no, don’t worry I haven’t gone mad and decided I liked heights and started free jumping or anything (I hate heights and you’ve a job to get me standing on a chair let alone anything else!!) Nope, if you look close I didn’t write “YAHOO,” I actually wrote “YAZOO” and that is because we have been teaming up with them for the past month to try out their new NO ADDED SUGAR range and I have to tell you I am a big fan of milkshake…and sugar…and milkshakes with sugar and with how some non-sugar products can taste I can tell you now that I was more than a little dubious but if you don’t try then you’ll never know will you….

3 bottles of yazoo milkshake and a fancy dress kit

So, a few weeks back I get a knock at the door and outside is a very nice (and very frequent as we’re now on first name basis!!) courier man looking desperate to drop what appeared to be a very heavy box into my arms and run away. After profusely thanking him once again for delivering another random package to “Mummy in a Tutu,” I popped the box on the table to have a look and inside was a month’s supply of Yazoo Milkshake – the smaller (perfect for lunchboxes) size bottles from their No Added Sugar range in strawberry, banana and toffee!

3 bottles of yazoo milkshakeNow, as there were rather A LOT of them and they are No Added Sugar, I thought it would be a great idea to let my nephew Rowan have them for his lunchboxes at school. He has such a sweet tooth and with the guidelines (mental in my opinion!!) from schools about what you can and cannot put in lunchboxes these days I thought they would be perfect!

I cannot tell you the look on his face when they turned up for a visit and I said “Hey Rowan! I have a months supply of milkshake for your lunchboxes…” I believe the word “legend” was used but I might be paraphrasing. Anyway, a very happy nephew toddled off back home and I told him that I’d be speaking to him in a weeks time to get a full report on what he thought so he needed to make sure that he tried each flavour! A week passed and I got him on the phone and asked for a full account of what he thought of the milkshakes…

“Auntie Katie – they are delicious! They aren’t very sweet which is really good because sometimes after I have had a milkshake if I drink too much then I feel a bit sick so I think that is very good. Also, they are great in my lunchbox because they have that foil cap on so they don’t leak everywhere, unlike my drinks bottle… ((cue 5 minute tangent conversation about how said drinks flask leaked in his bag making for very soggy sandwiches one day))… My favourite flavour was strawberry but that is because I love them… duh! I really liked the other flavours too though – I didn’t dislike any of them!” “That’s great Rowan, so will you be taking them to school for the rest of the month?!” “Well, not quite Auntie Katie, because the funny thing is, I won’t quite have enough for the whoooolllleee month…” “Oh really? I’m sorry darling did I not give you enough?!” ” Oh no you did… it’s just that they are so nice that I may have shared them with Mummy and Daddy too!!!!!!”

yazoo 3 milkshakes

So there you have it folks – I have to say that I did keep one of each for myself to try and they were really good. They did not have that “fake” taste that so many No Added Sugar products have these days and I found that they were quite filling too so work quite well as a sort of snack too. For a growing boy like Rowan that is perfect as it will help to keep him going throughout the day. However, I have kind of shot myself in the foot because I may now have to go out and buy another month’s supply because he enjoyed them so much… I’m also in trouble with my brother who is a bit of a milkshake fiend who has since discovered the supply that Yazoo sent me… Opps!
This is a collaborative post – all views and opinions are my own (or my nephews!)

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