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WOW! Stuff Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Review

A to scale model of Hogwarts Castle
*Ad Gifted. All opinions are my own.
I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan. I can remember borrowing the first book off of a friend in secondary school and not putting it down and begging my mum to go out and by the next one a day later. I think by the time I read them the first 3 were already out and I was fortunate enough to be on study leave when the fourth did, so two days solid reading it before getting back to the revision I was supposed to be doing. I was totally in love with the books and like aspects of the films though for me, you just can’t beat sitting down and re-reading and getting to know the characters all over again, even though I know them inside out as it is. I have been fortunate enough to visit the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour a couple of times and so when WOW! Stuff asked if I’d like to try out their new invisibility cloak to review, how could I possibly say no!

The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is a replica of the iconic cloak which Harry received on Christmas Day in Harry and the Philosopher’s Stone, which for those who don’t know is the first tale in the Harry Potter tales.

Inside the box are a double sided cloak and a phone stand. There are also instructions with a unique code that you will need to get the app working. The outside of the cloak is grey/silver and patterned velvet material, and the inside is lined with green. It’s long enough for an adult to use and we actually managed to fit a couple of us underneath.

On the outside you can use it as a normal cloak, but turn it around to the green side and turn on the app on your phone or tablet device and it becomes like a green screen and you completely disappear… just watch!

How amazing is that?! Of course, if you notice, I was a little dense to start with because being me, I assumed it would be when the normal outside of the cloak showed that you would be invisible but then of course I remembered that this isn’t the movies and it does require a little bit of tech and switched it round to the green side. Alyssa was a little frightened at first as she thought she was actually going to be sent somewhere but once she realised she just disappeared on the screen she was fine.

So you need to use the app and when you set up, be sure there are no moving objects on the screen otherwise this will mess with things a little. The app allows you or someone else to take videos and pictures of you disappearing and if you’re like some of my blogger friends, you can recreate some of the amazing scenes from Harry Potter yourself.

I was actually super impressed with this and even more grateful that it came with a phone stand for use when you’re the only adult present like I was when filming! I think even if you are not a huge potter fan like me, you will have hours of fun with this amazing tech toy! They RRP for £49.99 and are well worth it but are currently on sale in many locations!



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