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Wonder Park Toy Collection Review

Ad – Gifted. All Opinions are our own.
Did you happen to see the new animated movie Wonder Park that came out two or three weeks ago? I haven’t managed to catch it yet but I saw a lot of people raving about how good it was and I think it’s definitely one of those films I’m going to have to take Alyssa to see. The film tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive. We were super excited to find out we were being sent a selection of the toys available from the Wonder Park Toy Collection. These toys certainly help with imaginative play for your child’s very own amusement park. For ages 3+, here is what we were sent.

At the top of the range is the Wonder Park Ferris Wheel Playset. This costs £19.99 from John Lewis and is suitable for ages 3+. You can light up the Ferris Wheel at a push of a button and spin it to take the Greta and Wonder Chimp figures which are included on a wonderful ride. The set includes one Ferris Wheel, one exclusive Greta, and one exclusive Wonder Chimp. It’s solidly built and a toy which would not be easily broken. The ferris wheel is easy to put together and the flashing lights are really lovely. Alyssa really loved to see this going round and round!

As well as the Grand Wonder Ferris Wheel, we were also gifted the Flying Fish Ferris Wheel playset which retails at just £14.99. It’s the iconic Ffish Carousel from the Wonderland theme park and comes with a June figure and her peanut doll. What’s even better is that the other figurines that don’t come with this set can also ride on the gold fish “horses” too! Alyssa loved this playset because she thought it was incredibly funny that the characters got to ride on fish which by the way also detach so you can play with them separately.

Another toy that was great fun was the Wonder Chimp Surprise 3 pack. The pack includes a bright Wonder Park vehicle which you can roll around; plus three Wonder Chimps to fit inside it. One of your new Wonder Chimp figures is a mystery – you won’t know who you have until you pop open the packaging. There are 30 different Wonder Chimps to collect in Series 1. This pack costs £5 and is suitable for ages 3+.

We also received a Wonder Park Figure Set which comes with one of the iconic figures and some matching accessories – you can collect all the characters and we all know how much Alyssa loves a good figurine!

If your little ones are fans of the film, the Wonder Park Toy Collection is affordable and interesting; with collectibles too. Recreating all the fun of the film is easy with these versatile toys. We were really delighted with the toys we were sent and once we have seen the movie will be sure to be adding to the collection… for Alyssa of course!

The Wonder Park Toy Collection by Funrise Toys also features some cuddly toys, you can see the full range of toys from the movie on the John Lewis website

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