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Why You Should Keep Your Own Chickens

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Keeping chickens in the garden has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Some people wouldn’t consider chickens to be pets, but they can be, and there are lots of other benefits to keeping chickens too. You also do not need tonnes of space; you can make almost any outdoor space work with the right preparation. Read on for more information.

Fresh Eggs

This has to be the number one reason that most people want to keep chickens. Fresh eggs taste amazing; they have an incredible flavour, appearance, and texture. Eggshells can also be a variety of colours which is something you may not know, having only bought eggs from the shop before. When you get eggs from your own chickens, you know that you are getting free-range eggs from healthy birds.  In terms of how many eggs you will get, that isn’t something that anyone can reliably answer. Not all your chickens will lay at the same time. On average, when a hen is laying, they lay one egg a day. Two to four hens will usually lay enough eggs for a small household.

5 eggs on a cloth

The Learning Opportunities

This may be especially true if you have a young family, but there is also learning opportunities for adults. Everyone can benefit from learning more about where their food comes from. This can lead to a healthier future where better nutritional choices are made. It is also important for most people – especially during today’s climate crisis – to learn more about sustainable practices. Keeping chickens is an interactive learning experience. It teaches you and the children a valuable lesson about respecting the animals that provide you with your sustenance. 

They’re Easy to Care for

Once you have established your flock of chickens and their home, they require very little daily care. Chickens are like any other pet in that they require food, shelter and exercise, and so your biggest time commitment will be in the beginning when you are constructing their home and preparing for their arrival. After this, it doesn’t really take long for you to maintain their health. They need feeding and watering daily, and obviously, you need to check for eggs. If it is safe for you to let your chickens roam your garden, then their coop only tends to need cleaning monthly. Chickens can eat a variety of things, you can feed them fruit and vegetable scraps, but you should also be feeding the proper chicken feed too. Little Peckers is an online retailer that specialises in bird feed and products. Little peckers premium products are perfect for keeping your flock healthy and cared for. 

Pest Control 

Chickens are also known to eat various insects, meaning they act as a natural form of pest control for your garden. Actually, hunting for insects is one of a chicken’s favourite pastimes; it helps to keep them engaged and mentally fulfilled. For instance, chickens have been known to eat termites. However, despite the fact they will eat every little insect they can get a hold of, you can’t rely on them to take care of an infestation. Instead, for this, you should contact a team of experts like those at For small numbers of bugs, though, they are ideal. In addition, there is no need for harmful pesticides and herbicides in your garden, meaning you can cultivate more plants with little effort.

In Conclusion

Chickens are like any other pet in that they have their own personalities and foibles; they have also been known to be affectionate too. Keeping chickens is a worthwhile endeavour, and there are many online resources you can find to help you get started. 

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